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Build a Strong Foundation with ITIL® Training

ITIL® Foundation is the entry-level qualification for the ITIL Qualification Scheme. The training for the module includes concepts that enable users to employ the basics of ITIL while preparing for advancement to the ITIL Intermediate Level.

With classes that are targeted to fit the needs of a particular group, ITIL Foundation training can be simple and easy to implement.

Why Should Employees Have ITIL Foundation Training?

ITIL Foundation covers the general information about key elements of the ITIL best practice. Students learn about the concepts of ITIL as well as the vocabulary used in the Service Lifecycle. They will study the Lifecycle stages, processes and practices that form the ITIL framework. Prepare to move on to a more advanced understanding of ITIL objectives and Service Management. Learn more about the Service Lifecycle here.

When students successfully complete the examination at the end of the ITIL Foundation qualification class, they will have a basic knowledge and understanding of ITIL. Successful completion of the ITIL Foundation exam allows them to move on to register for ITIL Intermediate training.

Who Should Take ITIL Foundation Training?

ITIL Foundation classes are designed for those who meet the following descriptions:

  • Employees and students who need a basic understanding of the ITIL framework or who have never been exposed to ITIL protocols or practices
  • Employees and students who want to understand how ITIL can enhance the implementation of IT Service Management within a business
  • Current IT professionals who are working in an organization that is now adopting ITIL as its standard

How Can Employees Receive ITIL Foundation Training?

From a single student to hundreds of IT employees, companies can benefit by providing ITIL Foundation training for their workers and deliver appropriate content in a format that works for a company’s particular structure.

ITIL Foundation training is the first step to bringing companies and IT firms into line with best practices and acceptable industry protocols for safety and network integrity. By choosing to attend ITIL Foundation training, companies are taking the initiative to ensure that their IT teams are on the cutting edge of the latest industry practices and standards.

View the Ashford Global IT course schedule to learn more about ITIL Foundation. You will also be able to find out about all the course offerings available to your corporation that will help your business processes.


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