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Bridging the Gap with ITIL® Awareness Training

In-depth ITIL® training isn’t for everyone. Some of the concepts involved are more appropriate for those who actually create deliverables or address consumer support issues than they are for budget analysts and CEOs. Small firms must be judicious in their delegation of training time in order to get the most out of their limited human resources, but they still require decision-makers who understand the basics.

ITIL Awareness training is a happy medium that lets companies improve their abilities across the board.

Tackling the Essentials of ITIL

The ITIL Awareness training course helps students gain fundamental knowledge about ITIL. Most courses only last a day or so, and while they don’t go into great detail, they paint a broad picture that students can build on later.

Employers routinely use these programs to teach their high-level personnel the basics of the frameworks they plan to employ on an organization-wide level. Even if these individuals never complete additional training or certifications, their foundational knowledge helps them make decisions that promote good IT Service Management, or ITSM, down the line.

Connecting Business Goals to Technical Requirements

IT services have a number of inherent requirements that reflect the way they’re implemented, but these don’t necessarily mirror organizational needs. Without Awareness training, managers and planners won’t be able to find a solution that works on both ends.

For instance, most managers and CEOs have thorough understandings of business goals, such as budget targets and deliverable due dates. Nonetheless, many remain clueless about working these benchmarks into the IT service framework because they aren’t even aware the framework exists. Although they could always order a department or an individual to address a specific task, doing so blindly usually causes more harm than good. Managers must be cognizant of the appropriate channels they need to go through to get things accomplished efficiently.

Introduction to ITSM

This course does more than simply address vital parts of the ITIL methodology. By briefly covering vital topics, like the Service Lifecycle approach, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement, the module gives many employees their first glimpse into the inner workings of ITSM.

Awareness raining helps workers understand the benefits of planning services around a framework. The simplified approach to ITSM fundamentals makes it easier for employees to see how their organizations and projects could benefit from a bit more organization. Staff who complete the ITIL Awareness course learn to integrate their work with their colleagues’ output and manage sudden business needs without throwing ongoing tasks off track.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers a unique one-day ITIL Awareness training course to provide participates with an introduction to ITIL and ITSM basics. Contact AGIT today to find out how this training can benefit your business. With online, onsite and virtual training, you will be able to find the best training option for your needs.

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