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Boost Business Efficiency With ITIL® Certification Training

Training ITIL®, or the Information Systems Infrastructure Library, sets the framework for a business to combine various departments into one cohesive, fully functioning and well-oiled machine. ITIL practices can be adjusted to best fit the needs of your company, and the specifics will vary depending on the type of business you run as well as what areas need the most improvement.

Overall, however, ITIL Certification training can establish the best practices for corporations who are eager to boost efficiency, save money and create a set standard for all of their departments and staff.

ITIL Certification Training

By enlisting employees into an onsite or online ITIL Certification training program, such as the ones outlined below, you can create a more efficient business.

ITIL Awareness Training

This is a one-day ITIL training course that helps students get a basic understanding of what ITIL is and how it can be effectively implemented at work. With no prerequisites in place, the ITIL Awareness program is suited for almost any employees.

Parts of the curriculum will include the benefits of ITIL, the basics of Service Management, the Lifecycle approach and the key terminology used in ITIL. With this course, graduates can understand the basic frameworks of ITIL and be ready to learn more.

ITIL Lifecycle Training

An ITIL Lifecycle training program introduces the concept of a service lifecycle that begins, has a middle and then ends with resolution and the satisfaction of the client. There are several ITIL Lifestyle courses that deal with the developing a strategy for service operation, measuring performance at every stage throughout the process and the basic challenges that accompany a lifecycle-focused ITIL framework.

ITIL Foundation Training

In many ways, the ITIL Foundation training program is similar to the awareness program. However, instead of introducing a variety of topics over a single day, the ITIL Foundation program spends three days developing the initial concepts and creating a better understanding of ITIL and ITSM for students.

The course touches on many areas, but the focus will be on the key areas of Service Design, Service Strategy, Service Transition, Service Operations and Continual Service Improvement. A certification exam at the conclusion of the program ensures that participants fully understand the materials presented and are ready to incorporate what they have learned.

ITIL Expert Training

While every staff member in information technology can benefit from ITIL training, the Expert course is reserved for IT management professionals. With the skills learned in this five-day program, graduates will be able to understand the challenges of managing lifecycles, handling strategic change when necessary, assessing services rendered and managing risk.

This course is suited for those who have already taken several ITIL programs in the past and are ready to manage a large IT team using ITIL Framework principles.

ITIL Capability Training

The various ITIL Capability training courses, which each last for five days, will help to determine the effectiveness and capability of ITIL measures. There are courses focuses on operational support and analysis, validation and testing, service offerings and agreements and planning protection with optimization. These courses are the perfect way to measure whether ITIL principles are working at full potential and how to improve them if they are not.

To boost a company’s efficiency, increase ROI and create a more cohesive workplace, ITIL Certification training is key. Get more details about ITIL Training for your business.


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