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Better Business Through ITIL® Foundation Training

ProfessionalsOne of the keys to an efficient workforce that can implement ITIL® principles to boost productivity and understand lifecycles is a foundation program.

The ITIL Foundation certification program is the ultimate way for staff to embrace the basics of ITIL, or the information technology infrastructure library.

To help a business meet and surpass expectations continuously, this three-day program might be the perfect solution.

Who Can Benefit From an ITIL Foundation Course?

The ITIL foundation course is perfect for anyone who wants an introduction to ITIL principles. Not just for managers or business owners, the foundation program is the natural choice for IT support staff, IT service providers and anyone who has regular interaction with clients or developers within the IT industry.

From entry-level staff all the way up to upper management, anyone in IT will benefit from the objectives of the foundation course, and any company will benefit as a result thanks to improved staff who can better meet expectations.

What Subjects Are Covered in This Program?

The five major focuses of the foundation program include service design, service strategy, continual service improvement, service transitions and service operations. These five disciplines represent five stages of the lifecycle, which the course will fully explain to students.

After the completion of the foundation program, participants should be fully aware of the benefits of implementing ITIL principles into the workplace and also be able to identity those principles as they relate to their daily jobs. The ITIL foundation program will also explain how each stage of the lifecyle relates to the next and why following the natural order of the principle creates the most efficient strategy for any business objective or project.

How and Where is the ITIL Foundation Course Taught?

Many corporations opt to have the ITIL foundation course taught onsite in order to maximize participation among employees. These onsite courses last for a full three days with each day starting at 9am and ending at 5pm. Tools like a flipchart, a projector and a whiteboard are required for the teaching of the program.

If desired, it is possible to take the ITIL foundation course online, which is ideal for staff located in a variety of locations or offices as well as those employees who telecommute. There is a maximum of 25 enrolled students for the ITIL foundation program, which ensures that each participant is able to focus and gain maximum benefit from the course.

Are Certifications Available After the Program’s Completion?

The final part of the ITIL foundation course is the examination. Students will have one hour to take the exam, which consists of 40 multiple choice questions. To pass, students will need to answer at least 26 of the 40 questions correctly.

The exam is closed-book, and students will need to prepare through the course teachings as well as the included materials like practice exams, course take-home materials and personal assignments. Any students who do not pass the exam and receive certification can opt to retake the exam, or even the class, in the future at no additional cost to your business.

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