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Benefits of Onsite ITIL® Training

Rear view of a businessman training business executives at a seminarWhen it comes to ITIL® training and certifications, onsite training is one style of training to consider. Any kind of professional training or certification takes time and effort, mostly on the part of those who are being trained. It can be difficult for employees to find the time to fit in attending ITIL classes and studying and still get their work done. For managers, it becomes an issue of lost productivity in the workplace because employees are training and studying instead of working. Onsite programs make it easier for everyone involved because it eliminates the amount of time spent away from the workplace and allows everyone to learn the same things in the same timeframe.

In the past, ITIL training was limited to those who could find the time to attend classes and could afford the expenses of traveling to a training program to learn what they needed to know. With onsite training programs, everyone wins. Employees get proper training, managers don’t lose productivity, and there are none of the hassles associated with offsite seminars.

As a manager, onsite ITIL training gives you more flexibility in training your employees. It allows you to train people on your schedule, train as many as you’d like, and spend much less on the training courses. You don’t have to worry about paying for mileage, time off, or the expenses that people incur related to work while they are away. Instead, you can focus on improving your workplace performance and productivity and making sure that everyone is on the same page with onsite ITIL training programs. Additionally, training can be customized to specific challenges in your workplace and will allow you to train more employees in less time. Other benefits of onsite training include:

  • Produces higher employee morale
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Training is completed in a familiar environment

When you work with IT services, an ITIL Certification can do a lot for your business and your professional career. The best practices of ITIL and IT Service Management are something that every IT professional needs to learn, but it often gets put off because of the kinks involved in offsite training. For companies that cannot afford the expenses (both financial and otherwise) of sending people to a classroom-style program, onsite training is the best option available.

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