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Ashford Global IT Offers ITIL® Success Guarantee for All Students

ITIL Success GuaranteeAshford Global IT has an ITIL® Success Guarantee, a program that allows students who fail to pass the ITIL Certification exam to take another ITIL Certification course and retake the exam within one year of their original class’s start date.

This offer is extended without cost to all of Ashford Global IT’s virtual and onsite students.

ITIL Training by Global Leader

As a leading provider of virtual and onsite IT training programs for workers and corporations in a variety of industries, Ashford Global IT understands the competitive, demanding nature of the modern work environment. As such, it aims to provide its students and clients with the tools necessary to prepare for technological, logistical and personnel-related challenges in the years to come.

Ashford’s ITIL Success Guarantee stipulates that students who are “not completely satisfied with the class, for any reason, may attend the same class again for free.” Students who take advantage of this unique offer must have previously taken the class in its entirety and must be able to re-use their materials from the original class.

Additionally, students must participate in a regularly scheduled virtual class or open-enrollment course. Finally, participating students are responsible for all travel costs associated with the re-taken class.

Qualifying Students Can Retake ITIL Test

The ITIL Success Guarantee also entitles qualifying students to retake the ITIL Certification exam within 12 months of the original class date. Participating students receive a single exam voucher for this purpose.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible for students to retake a given Ashford Global IT class more than once or participate in an exam retake that occurs more than one year after the original class. Participating students must also pay the full cost of any additional ITIL Certification exam retakes.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a worldwide organization that specializes in delivering today’s most in-demand business skills, IT and security courses. They also provide consulting services to businesses in need. Course listings include ITIL best practices training and certification, IT security courses, as well as many soft skills essential to businesses today.

For more information about Ashford Global IT courses as well as the company’s ITIL guarantee, visit www.ashfordglobalit.com or call (888) 838-5498.

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