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Ashford Global IT Leading The Way With ITIL® V3 Awareness Course

Computing technology was forever changed in the 1980’s with the advancement of computing technology as it moved from a mainframe-centric infrastructure with centralized IT organizations into distributed computing with geographically dispersed resources. This move came with negative side effects. The UK’s Office of Government Commerce found they now had inconsistent application for their processes for technological delivery and support.

With this discovery and the acknowledgement that this needed to be fixed to provide clients with efficient and predictable service, ITIL® came to light. ITIL is short for the IT Infrastructure Library®. Now 20 years old, and on its third version, it stands for being a no-nonsense and practical approach to identifying, delivering, planning, and supporting IT services. ITIL has become one of the most widely adopted methods to IT Service Management.

To learn how to adopt this practice into your organization, enroll in an Ashford Global IT training course. You may wish to begin with their Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL V3 Awareness course.

This course provides individuals with a distinct opportunity to start at the ground level with an introduction to ITIL and IT Service Management. You will then be guided into an overview of concepts found in the ITIL best practice, extending into an introduction of key ITIL processes. In this non-certification course, you will learn how ITIL processes are driven by the Service Lifecycle to provide smooth functioning to organizations, ensuring high quality services to their customers. This course has been specially designed for individuals who want a basic awareness of what ITIL V3 entails. It is also meant for individuals who may be unsure of what their future ITIL V3 training path will be as well as those who want to assess ITIL/ITSM viability for their organization.

This course is intended for IT staff, business and IT executives, key business users, IT consultants, and IT developers. In this course, students will focus on current business challenges, learn where the ITIL framework fits in, and study ITIL best practices, standards and governance.  Other topics covered in this course include concepts of IT Service Management, ITIL V2 versus ITIL V3, the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme, the Service Lifecycle approach to IT Service Management, implementation considerations, and key ITIL terminology.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. There is a maximum of 15 students with 1 instructor for each course. The course is taught in webinar format, and the class will use discussion forums online including a web whiteboard, chat, and slide handouts. This course runs for two days, lasting four hours each day. This format may change based on the students’ requirements.

To learn more, contact Ashford Global IT today!

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