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Are You Aware of the Importance of ITIL®?

Asking the average IT person if they are aware of the importance of ITIL® in everyday IT practice is likely to produce a vague response. Many IT professionals who are very good at their jobs do not necessarily see the benefit of being well-versed in the standardized best practices of IT implementation. Many others do not fully understand how standardized IT can help them do their jobs.

However, this lack of foresight does not change the fact that ITIL provides the most widely-accepted best practices protocols for IT in the world. Using ITIL can help a business, and its employees, deliver better service to customers and ensure that everyone is using the same standards to evaluate IT work.

How Important is ITIL Awareness?

The IT Infrastructure Library® aligns business and IT and helps companies control costs and improve IT service quality. However, many people do not know about ITIL and how it can help an organization manage and allocate IT resources.

It is critical for companies who deliver IT services and who make recommendations to others about their IT services follow a best practices model and conform to industry standards. This attention to standards not only ensures that the IT providers give good service to their clients but that they are abreast of the latest security developments in the industry.

How Can ITIL Awareness Help Business?

ITIL can be one of the biggest possible bonuses to a company’s IT structure. By becoming aware of the benefits of ITIL, companies that provide IT services to clients can enhance their reputations as professionals.

ITIL provides numerous benefits to business such as:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved network security
  • More unified network structures and processes
  • Fewer network problems and easier resolution of malfunctions
  • Measurable improvements in computer network services
  • Alignment of computer networks with individual business needs

How Can ITIL Awareness Be Improved in A Business?

It is critical that companies provide streamlined ITIL training for technicians, managers and administrators who need to learn about ITIL protocols. With the help of uniform, well-implemented training programs, IT professionals can quickly come up to speed on ITIL issues and begin delivering content to their customers or clients. The programs will help companies comply with the industry’s agreed-upon standards for safety and quality.

By choosing to implement training for IT professionals, technicians and providers, companies can bring ITIL awareness to everyone in an organization. This implementation will ensure that all employees are on the same page with the implementation of IT processes and services across multiple divisions or businesses.


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