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Are There Any Costs Savings Directly Related to ITIL® Implementation?

Yes, there are costs savings directly related to ITIL® implementation.  For example, in the ITIL Process Change Management, the ITIL structure promotes effective prioritization of scheduling, monitoring, and validating the accuracy of all Request For Change (RFC). Change Management also coordinates with all levels to insure efficient and successful implementation.

The Incident Management Process is concerned with recurring Incidents; Incidents are defined in ITIL as an unplanned disruption or degradation in the quality of a service. The Incident Management Process then works to get the disrupted service working as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the costs of downtime and lost user productivity.

Problem Management is concerned with identifying and removing the cause of Incidents. By investigating and taking steps to prevent Incidents from occurring, Problem Management will reduce the number of disruptions effecting the business, leading to even greater productivity on the part of business users and less wasted resources as a result of downtime.

Capacity Management is concerned with providing enough capacity to meet the needs of the business. By coordinating and researching every aspect of IT resource utilization, this process can align IT capacity closely to the business need while providing savings as a result of maximizing the use of existing resources.


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