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An Overview of the ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle Course at Ashford Global IT

The ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle course is the last module in the ITIL Intermediate Level. Completion of this course leads to the ITIL® Expert qualification. The target of the course is to position students to successfully complete the associated exam by using an engaging scenario-based approach to learning the core disciplines of the ITIL best practice. This five day course immerses learners into the vast content of the ITIL V3 publications, focusing on different business, management, and supervisory objectives, processes, purposes, activities and functions as well as the interfaces and interactions between processes in the Service Lifecycle. After successfully completing this course, learners will be capable and competent in introductory IT Service Management business and managerial issues, management, planning, and implementation of IT services, management of strategic changes, and risk management.  Students will also have an understanding of organizational challenges, complementary industry guidance, and service assessment.

This course is targeted towards individuals who require a business and management level understanding of the ITIL V3 Service Lifecycle and how it could be used to enhance the quality of IT Service Management in any organization. People who seek the ITIL Expert Certification or the ITIL Master Qualification will need to complete this course. The typical roles this course is geared towards include (but not restricted to) CIOs, Senior IT managers and supervisors, IT professionals, and IT operation practitioners.

To enroll in the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle course, students must possess the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, have a minimum of fifteen credits from a balanced selection of ITIL Service Lifecycle and/or Service Capability qualifications, and complete twenty-eight hours of personal study by reviewing the ITIL publications.

Ashford Global IT offers students in its ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle course a Success Guarantee.  Students may take advantage of this Guarantee if they are not successful on their first attempt at the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification exam.  This Success Guarantee offers students a voucher for one exam re-take, study materials for exam preparation, and an opportunity to re-attend any open enrollment ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle class at no cost in preparation for their next attempt at the exam.

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