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An Introduction to the Service Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement

Training and Deveolpement webContinual Service Improvement (CSI) is one of the five stages in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. This stage is critical to any business or organization that wants to grow and thrive.

The goal of CSI is to align IT services with business needs and re-align them as often as possible.

This is done by noting and implementing improvements that can be made to IT services to positively affect the business processes across the board.

What Businesses Need to know to Succeed

The mission of CSI in the Service Lifecycle is to find ways to increase the productivity and effectiveness of IT services in any organization, no matter what the industry may be. It is important to control, measure, and define various activities and processes in order to manage them accordingly.

The objectives of CSI include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing improvement opportunities in the various Service Lifecycle phases
  • Reviewing and analyzing the results
  • Identifying and implementing activities to improve quality and efficiency
  • Improving cost-effectiveness
  • Ensuring applicable methods of quality management are in place to support continuous improvement efforts
  • Ensuring that customer satisfaction is not compromised in the process

Creating success with CSI involves looking at the:

  • Vision, mission, and objectives of the organization or business
  • Baseline assessments of current positioning
  • Creation of targets that can be attained through service and process improvements
  • Measurements that can be taken to ensure goals and objectives were met

There are many benefits of CSI in any business or organization, including an increase in overall productivity, a bigger return on investment, lower expenses, and value-added services or operations. Many organizations suffer from a lack of insight and strategy between the IT department and the organization itself. Implementing the ITIL framework will improve the situation by putting everyone on the same page.

With IT services, it may seem confusing to figure out why and how to change things, but with ITIL training, it can become much easier. CSI is invaluable to an organization, so it needs to be implemented carefully at every stage, which is why ITIL training and certification are such an asset to have.

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