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AGIT’s ITIL® Foundation Courses: Online Options

ValueIn today’s tight economy, companies are looking for professionals who have supplementary qualifications in addition to their work experience.  Earning a reputable certificate is one way to prove to potential employers you are qualified for the position. One set of certificates highly regarded by employers today is the ITIL® V3 Certifications.  However, with your hectic work schedule, you may find it difficult to take time off for a few days to train and prepare for an ITIL Certificate.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) realized the need for more flexible training sessions; that is why AGIT now offers its popular ITIL Foundation training course through two additional options aside from its classroom-based training: the Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL V3 Foundation course and the Self-Paced (eLearning) ITIL V3 Foundation course.

The Virtual Instructor-Led Course

This course offers the same exciting and dynamic training AGIT is most famous for but through the internet. In five half-day sessions (usually held from 1-5pm EST), professionals interested in earning their ITIL Foundation Certificate will participate in lectures, discussions, and hands-on training to prepare for the certification exam.  Students can ask questions or share their opinions through a chat window.  These chat transcripts will be saved so students can download and review them while studying for the exam.

The Self-Paced (eLearning) Course

In this course, students can access the course material anytime they choose for a period of 20 days.  Students will attend a Virtual Training Conference held in Bangkok that is hosted by two ITIL Experts.  Throughout the course, students will apply their newfound knowledge and skills to participate in various projects and scenarios.

To find out more about these options, contact Ashford Global IT today!

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