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AGIT’s ITIL® Foundation Classes: More Options for Today’s IT Professionals

 Classroom Training SessionAshford Global IT (AGIT) has always been trying to satisfy the training needs of IT professionals across the nation.

Over the past few years, AGIT has improved the quality and quantity of its regular classroom-based classes and is now venturing into the e-learning world. ITIL® V3 Foundation is the most popular course offered at AGIT.

Exploring ITIL Foundation

The reason for its high demand is because the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate is the first certificate required for business and IT professionals who wish to advance further in the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme. Ashford Global IT offers the ITIL V3 Foundation course through the following training methods:

Traditional Classroom ITIL V3 Foundation Course

The traditional live classroom version of ITIL V3 Foundation is a dynamic three-day course which involves a mixture of lectures, discussions, and hands-on training. The skilled instructors at Ashford Global IT will make sure to answer all your questions as well as provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification exam.

The best part about these live classes is that they aren’t restricted to AGIT’s campus in Orlando, Florida. Open enrollment classes are conducted on a regular basis across the U.S. Plus, AGIT’s expert instructors can always be flown in to deliver on-site training at an organization.

Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL V3 Foundation Course

This is a more flexible option in comparison with live classes. This course takes place entirely online so you won’t have to travel anywhere; thus, you will save time and money. In addition, because AGIT’s Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL Foundation classes are held from 1-5pm EST Monday through Friday, you will have a few hours you can work before and/or after you join AGIT’s excellent trainers in these web sessions.

Just like in the live classes, virtual instructor-led classes will mix informative lectures with different activities. With the help of the chat feature available, you will be able to ask your instructor questions, share your opinion, and reply to your classmates’ questions. The greatest advantage of the chat feature is that all the exchanges will be saved in text documents which you can download to help you study for the certification exam.

eLearning (Self Paced) ITIL V3 Foundation Course

ITSM Academy has provided AGIT with its highly acclaimed ITIL Foundation eLearning course. If you choose this training option, you will attend a Virtual Training Conference that is being conducted by two ITIL Experts at a hotel in Bangkok. The instructors will go over the basics of ITIL and even provide you with an opportunity to help hotel management resolve different problems that require ITIL’s best practices.

By choosing this course, you will have more control over the timings of your training because you can retrieve the training material at anytime during the 20 days you have access to the material.

With all these options, all you need to do is pick the training style that best fit your needs. So, come to Ashford Global IT and train for the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate through the method most suitable for you!


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