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Advantages of ITIL® Advanced Certification Programs

The IT Infrastructure Library®, more commonly known as ITIL®, offers a variety of certifications for the IT professional. These courses not only help you grow professionally but also increase your knowledge base and give you a firm technical platform. A group known as ITpreneurs undertook a research project that studied the value of an advanced ITIL certification for IT professionals as well as the advantages obtained by the organization. This article will take you through the research project and the advantages that it uncovered.

About ITpreneurs Research Project

The ITpreneurs group named the research project ‘The Benefits of Investing in ITIL Advanced Certification.’ They interviewed 160 ITIL Experts. Amongst these people, some were certified ITIL V3 Experts while some were ITIL V2 Service Managers. Although there were a few comments that did not hold ITIL certifications in a very high regard, the majority of the comments were pro certification.

Increased Productivity

Many professionals insisted that earning an advanced ITIL V3 certification was one of their best professional decisions. The reason behind this was that the certification helped them in improving their productivity significantly. ITIL Experts admitted that the advanced certification training enabled them to hone their skills in such a way that their productivity as an individual and as a team increased significantly.

Boost In General Management Proficiency and ITSM Implementation

More than 80% of the respondents acknowledged that an advanced ITIL V3 certification helped them in being more competent while working with and launching projects related to ITSM. They said that the skill sets that they acquired during their ITIL V3 certification training were crucial in this regard. Also, almost all professionals who earned an advanced ITIL V3 certification said that their management skills increased dramatically. This was due to the insightful and interactive curriculum that the advanced ITIL V3 training courses are made up of.

Constant Learning and Better Relationship with Peers

Out of all the professionals that were surveyed, 59% indicated that becoming ITIL Experts enabled them to tap into the professional network for a constant learning program. They said that the relationship with their peers also improved because of this. They were able to share knowledge that benefited the organization as a whole.

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