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Adopt IT Service Management to Hone your Business Model

 IT Service ManagementCreating and delivering IT services is a complicated process. Unlike many of the professional projects that your firm will engage in, the various IT services you offer to your clients require in-depth involvement and competent planning skills.

You can’t simply foist your big IT service projects off on the IT guys and expect them to do the job. Although your staff may be skilled, you need to connect the different pieces together if things are actually going to get done right. IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL® provide you with the foundation you’ll need to integrate your business aims with your IT development processes.

Taking the Comprehensive Approach

Your IT services are just one small part of a bigger picture. Although your consumers focus on the deliverables and applications that you create for them, you have to think about your ROI. If you just leave things up to the individual departments without providing some guidelines, your projects will sprawl out of control, requiring multiple revisions and constant investments in tech support.

While you can’t always avoid going back and rehashing old work, you can make the process much more efficient by planning for that eventuality in advance. Prepare yourself for the very real possibility that your customers’ needs may change along the way. Implement a standardized framework that makes allowances for such variances and defines them in terms of your business model.

Big-Picture Planning Improves Overall Efficiency

If you focus on the specific details but forget to consider how they relate to each other, you’ll find it impossible to maintain profits. Implement an IT Service Management framework that gives you a template for the development, deployment, maintenance and retirement of your IT Services.

You’ll find it easier to anticipate your needs because you’ll have a far more accurate idea of what goes into each stage. This knowledge will also allow you to make the most of your organizational capabilities.

Choosing an IT Services Management Methodology

You can take your pick of frameworks and IT Service Management solutions. Go with something that’s been proven to work.

Implementing onsite ITIL training puts you in good company with firms like Disney, Boeing and Target. Major firms use ITIL because it provides an overarching framework that they can easily customize to their industry-specific methods. Implement the concepts of this platform to bring the way your firm manages its IT service in line with the improved business model you need to adopt in order to increase your profit margins.



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