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Address and Tackle Business Flaws With ITIL® Consulting

Three Technology consultantsImagine that your business is a building. Construction is complete, and the decorations are up.

Now, imagine taking the extensive architecture of ITIL and placing it right on top of the building.

Although the premise of implementing ITIL® principles in your IT service business is to improve operations, design and delivery, integrating an existing company and new ideas isn’t always easy. Rather than ending up with a mixture of ideas and communications issues, some businesses opt to hire ITIL consultants to help with the transition.

How Can ITIL Consultants Help

Instead of squashing your business with the weight of a new framework, consulting helps meld what already works with what can be used to improve operations in new, efficient and profitable ways.

Moving From Theoretical to Practical

Perhaps the single biggest challenge facing IT businesses is figuring out how to take the principles of ITIL and making them work for their company. Even if you have already learned about the five lifecycles, you recognize and appreciate the utility of the framework and multiple staff have participated in training programs, there can still be issues with taking the ideas and then putting them into practice.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing an ITIL consultant is by having them help you get started. Often, once a consultant gets the ball rolling, it is easier to follow suit and being turning the theoretical into the practical.

Pinpointing Existing Problems That Could Inhibit ITIL Principles

If you or your business is new to the idea of ITIL or any other ITSM methodology, then working with a consultant is way to bring much-needed experience to the table. In particular, an IT consultant familiar with ITIL can specify what, if any, problems you might face.

More importantly, consultants will deliver answers to these problems as well as a financial bottom line in terms of how much solutions will cost or how much they could financially benefit your business after implementation.

Overseeing a Transition

Businesses are rarely ever static institutions, and things are likely changing on a regular basis. Change is not a bad thing, and in fact is necessary in order to optimize services and delivery mechanisms to clients. However, with each major change can come some questions about organization and logistics.

ITIL consultants are excellent tools to help you oversee and manage virtually any change or transition. For example, you might decide to hire an ITIL consultant as you expand and hire additional employees or as you change the structure of your business and begin offering new IT services.

Training Employees to Understand their Role in ITIL Lifecycles

Arguably the most important takeaway from the ITIL way of thinking is that service provision is a cycle made up of five stages. ITIL consultants can do more than just explain these lifecycles to you and your employees: They can also explain to each staff member where their role exists on the spectrum. When employees can clearly understand whether their daily tasks are in service design or in service operation, they can better embrace a new way of thinking for optimum efficiency.

Whether your business is poised to make major changes or you are ready to embrace the principles of ITIL, the right consultant can make all the difference.

Contact us today and we’ll help you set up the training your staff needs to become more efficient.

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