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Adapting ITIL® Training to Meet Your Business Needs

ITIL Employee Training ProgramYour ITIL® training requirements may change faster than the framework itself does. Shouldn’t your teaching methods evolve too?

As you bring your business into alignment with ITSM strategies and concepts, you’ll likely discover that your old ITIL training standards are lacking, but it’s hard to anticipate exactly where they’ll fall short. The most effective way to bolster your corporate education program is to make it as adaptable as possible.

Why Is Adaptability Important to ITIL Training?

There’s no truly effective universal approach to ITIL training. For instance, the needs of your Foundation students will be markedly different from those who receive Managing Across the Lifecycle, or MALC, training.Because these groups typically bring different levels of knowledge to the table, it’s essential that you accommodate their unique backgrounds. In essence, good training covers what it needs to without wasting time on preliminaries because it’s tailored towards specific student groups.

Your training should also take planning errors into consideration. Did you schedule sufficient leeway to account for students who need more time with the material, or will your organization waste their test fees by not giving them sufficient opportunity to prepare? Gathering such data is crucial to running a sleek education program, but your course schedules, syllabuses and other resources have to be conducive to change.

How Can I Stress Test My Organizational Training Program?

Start improving your corporate education practices by broadening the kinds of activities they incorporate. Mock tests and assessments are common practice exercises that may make it easier to determine how well the material is being absorbed, but they’re often used far too sparingly. Instead of only administering practice exams upon completion of a course or module, implement daily web reviews that let you track student progress.

Your students aren’t the only training components you should be stress testing. Review your course syllabus with a dedicated training manager to learn about common pitfalls, potential improvements and the certification types you need to know about. The right training consultant will be able to highlight mistakes like incorrect material references or outdated learning devices that are actually hindering learners. Syllabus reviews are also ideal sources of insight for those who want to streamline their training processes by making transitions between topics more logical.

What Kinds of Changes Can Your Company Implement?

You may be able to improve your delivery of ITIL training without completely overhauling your system. Collecting feedback from your staff members is a good way to discover what works and what doesn’t. From there, it’s a simple matter of paring down your training regimen by cutting out the parts that aren’t sufficiently constructive or at least focusing more on the things you already do correctly.

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