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About the ITIL® OSA Certificate

3D support conceptThe ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) Certificate is one of the ITIL Intermediate Capability modules you can opt for to delve deeper into certain processes in the Service Lifecycle.  These processes include Event Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Access Management, and Request Fulfilment. By choosing the ITIL OSA Certificate, you will:

  • Understand the Operational Support and Analysis processes in your company and how you can enhance these processes to improve your organization’s services and service delivery
  • Discover the latest methods to provide support to your customers
  • Learn new ways to organize process activities to meet your company’s goals

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers the ITIL V3 Operational Support and Analysis Capability course to help candidates prepare for the ITIL OSA Certification exam. This training course is for IT professionals and business managers who have earned their ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate. The main objectives of this five-day certification course include:

  • Comprehending the importance of Service Management as a practice
  • Understanding the need for ITIL Operational Support and Analysis while offering services
  • Understanding how OSA processes are linked with other Service Lifecycle processes
  • Learning about the processes, activities, methods and functions used in OSA
  • Understanding the metrics used for OSA
  • Comprehending the importance of IT security and how it relates to OSA
  • Discovering the technology and implementation constraints linked to OSA
  • Identifying the challenges, critical success factors, and risks that can affect OSA

To learn more about the ITIL OSA Certification course, contact Ashford Global IT today!

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