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A Summary of the Many Available ITIL® Certifications

Computer TrainingWhether a company is a small enterprise or a large corporation, having employees with ITIL® certifications can make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction, efficiency, new implementations of best practices and ongoing system management.

However, it is important to understand that not all ITIL training courses are the same. Some are niche areas of study, and others are broad, introductory courses suitable for those new to the world of ITIL.

Here’s a basic understanding of the most popular ITIL courses and certifications:

ITIL Awareness

This is the most basic course available in ITIL, and it takes just a single day to complete.

Many companies benefit from offering an ITIL Awareness course to all of their employees, even those in entry-level positions, in order to get everyone familiar with the concepts and vocabulary of ITIL.

Foundation Training

Similar to the ITIL Awareness training is the Foundation course, which expands beyond the basics but still offers a comprehensive, introductory view of ITIL.

The Foundation training takes three days to complete, and it concludes with a written, multiple-choice exam. Graduates will get a certification showing their knowledge at the Foundation level.

Certified Process Design Engineer

A certification as a CPDE, or Certified Process Design Engineer, requires a five day training program. Key concepts covered in the course include how to plan and engineer information technology service management processes that improve the way that IT is handled with a company.

Lifecycle Training Courses

One of the key principles of the ITIL framework is the idea of five distinct lifecycles, each of which plays a role in delivering high-quality service to IT customers and clients. There are several ITIL certifications that cover these lifecycles.

Certification training courses in Service Design and Service Strategy are ideal for planning, while courses in Service Transition and Service Operation detail the more practical, hands-on and day-to-day tasks and operations of employees.

Finally, an ITIL certification in Continual Service Improvement offers participants the tools, knowledge and resources needed to make changes that positively impact future services offered.

Capability Training Courses

One stream of ITIL certification is capability, which deals with planning, operations and even analysis of services. A certification in Operational Support and Analysis can help participants get an overall feel for managing the entire lifecycle, and a certification in Planning Protection and Optimization is a great way to plan to effectively offer services and bring in the biggest possible profits.

Certification courses in Release, Control and Validation discusses how to implement changes in management as well as how to test new services before deploying them.

Finally, a certification course in Service Offerings and Agreements is all about what services to offer and how to balance supply and demand as a service manager.

Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification

For those who want to become an expert in ITIL, the best certification in the field is known as MALC, or Managing Across the Lifecycle. This is a comprehensive look at ITIL management best reserved for those who have already successfully completed several ITIL certification courses.

Implementing ITIL best practices and seeing success in any company can be achieved through employees and managers equipped with one or more of these varied ITIL certifications.

Call us to discuss what you need and we’ll set up the training for you.


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