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6 Step CSI Model in ITIL® V3 and its Fundamental Principles

Solutions AheadOrganizations need a secure and detailed knowledge base that can help them carry out their processes. ITIL® V3 has been specifically designed for this purpose. ITIL is a framework that has many processes which IT organizations should adhere to. If an organization begins following the structure in ITIL V3, business can start to flourish.

The 6 Step CSI Model

In ITIL V3, CSI is defined as Continual Service Improvement and is one of the five Service Lifecycle phases. The main objective of Continual Service Improvement is to learn from the past failures and successes of the organization. The 6 Step CSI Model aims to improve business efficiency, cost effectiveness, and value throughout the Service Lifecycle. Moreover, this model will help businesses identify and implement changes that should be made in business services and products.

The 6 Steps Involved in CSI:

Step # 1: What is the Vision?

As an organization, the vision tells you where you would like to be. This includes all business missions, goals and objectives. The IT strategies should be in line with the vision of the business and if not, a change should be introduced.

Step # 2: Current Situation of the Assets:

The second step is to assess the current situation of the business. Without realizing the current position of the business pertaining to its assets, organizations cannot make the appropriate decisions to move ahead.

Step # 3: Realization and Conformation to the Improvements:

The third step is to understand the improvements that are required within an organization and agree to them. In this step, an organization needs to determine and focus on its measurable targets.

Step # 4: Achieving Higher Quality through Details Plans:

The fourth step is to create a detailed CSI plan that provides explanations of the various improvements that are to be made to the business environment.

Step #5: Verification of Metrics and Measurements:

The fifth step is to verify whether the measurements and metrics are in place or not. These help in confirming whether the goals of a business organization have been successfully met.

Step # 6: Improvement of Quality Should be Maintained:

The sixth step of the CSI Model is to ensure that there has been an improvement in quality. The CSI Model works in a loop so after this step, the cycle begins again.

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