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5 Reasons Your Business Should Embrace ITSM

Successfully Trained EmployeesITIL® Service Management is the study of the principles that bridge together the framework of ITIL and the most effective techniques for Service Management.

Implementing ITSM in any business, but particularly IT service providers, can be incredibly beneficial.


Understanding the theory of ITIL Service Management through a training program from Ashford Global can set companies on the path toward these great benefits.

Benefits of Service Management

1. Increased Communication Between Departments and Employees

One of the biggest problems in many larger IT companies is a lack of effective communication between various employees or departments. Keep in mind that the key word here is effective: Communication might be happening, but it needs to be structured in order to be productive.

Rather than holding multiple meetings or sending long emails to determine who will do what, having an ITSM structure may make it clear what tasks and duties belong to which department.

2. Embracing the Lifecycle of ITIL

Even if employees are familiar with the ITIL Lifecycle and its five stages, implementing and enforcing them can be tricky without the help of management. ITIL Service Management Training can ensure that leaders in your business help employees move through the stages of service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.

3. Can Make it Easier to Determine Profitability of New Upgrades or Services

In order for businesses to stay competitive, they need to grow continually. Unfortunately, the desire to stay cutting edge and deliver more products and services to clients can have some negative effects. Offering too many services may stretch a company too thin, and some newer services may not be able to turn a profit initially.

One of the objectives of ITIL Service Management is to know when something will be profitable and to realistically assess its rate of continued success. This ensures that your business can deliver high-quality services without losing money.

4. May Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

One of the biggest functions of ITIL Service Management is being able to address the needs of the client or customer at every stage. In fact, that is one of the primary purposes of the lifecycle. Services are designed to appeal to clients, delivered to meet their satisfaction and then improved moving forward for even better service in the future.

Following the lifecycle can go a long way in making clients or customers happier, keeping prices favorable and hanging on to clients rather than losing them to your competitors in the industry.

5. Better Able to Handle Problems and Incidents

Some companies don’t see the need for ITIL Service Management implementation until something goes wrong. Even a small blip in the radar can cause everyday activities to come to a halt while several employees collaborate in order to handle the issue.

This is ineffective and costly to a business, which is why having a system in place to tackle incidents is key. Training in ITIL Service Management can directly focus on typical problems that occur in your industry as well as how best to handle them quickly and without diverting extra labor or resources.

These five reasons showcase just some of the benefits of ITIL Service Management and its implementation into any IT business.

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