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5 Myths About ITIL® Training

Two Men at a ComputerITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, has become an increasingly popular way for ITbased companies to better organize their employee structure, deliver quality services within the right time frame and analyze their success on every level.

ITIL training courses can be an exceptional tool for businesses of any size, but there are some myths floating around that may seem confusing.

The Truth About ITIL and It’s Benefits

Get to the truth about ITIL by debunking each of these five myths and learning more about how ITIL training could boost business in many ways.

1. Myth: ITIL Courses are Only Suitable for Upper-Level Management

One of the most prevalent myths about ITIL training is that it is only necessary for the top management positions in a business. In reality, ITIL training courses can be beneficial for everyone involved in a company. The key is finding the right course for each individual.

Entry-level staff who just need an introduction to the ITIL framework might be best suited for the ITIL Awareness program, which packs all of the basics into a single day of training.

2. Myth: ITIL is Only For IT Service Providers

ITIL is a framework that can be applied to nearly any type of business. It would be a mistake to think that if a company does not have a focus in IT that it won’t benefit from an updated way of conducting business and delivering service to customers.

Don’t assume that only your IT department will benefit or that your business isn’t in the right industry: all corporations can take advantage of ITIL training.

3. Myth: ITIL Training Can Fix Problems Quickly

An ITIL training program can be tremendously eye-opening for participants as well as beneficial to businesses, but it is important not to think that a single course is the panacea for all business problems. Implementation is an ongoing process, and so is continued education in order to continue to see improvements. ITIL is not a quick fix, but it is a framework that can help employees make the best possible decisions moving forward.

4. Myth: Training Means Your Business Will Become ITIL Compliant

A phrase often heard is “ITIL compliant,” which is a bit of a misconception. ITIL is a set of best practices, and ITIL training explains those practices along with advice on how to implement them into a variety of workplaces.

However, implementing ITIL practices or taking courses is not an industry standard, nor is there any official standard for compliance. It will, without a doubt, boost a business’ efficiency and help every employee become more effective in their day to day positions.

5. Myth: A Foundation ITIL Training Program Will Teach You Everything You Need

A foundation or awareness ITIL training program® is the right place to start for complete beginners to the ITIL practices or for entry-level employees who just need an introduction. However, a single course can’t be the only resource a corporation uses.

There are a variety of ITIL programs focused on service design, strategy, life cycles and capability, and each plays a role in strong ITIL implementation on a corporate-wide level.

Debunk these myths firsthand by participating in one of the many excellent ITIL training programs offered by Ashford Global. Contact us today for more information.


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