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3 Reasons Businesses are Benefiting from ITIL® Consulting

ITIL ConsultingFirms that think they have a handle on ITSM frameworks often make the mistake of believing they don’t need additional consulting. Unfortunately, no matter how well your organization stays on top of changing ITSM methodologies, like ITIL®, it’s critical that you benefit from an outsider perspective.

Here are three of the top reasons why major firms around the world continue to invest in ITIL consulting and training programs.

Certification Is an Ongoing Process

Consider the individual’s perspective. Professionals who earn ITIL Certifications know that until they reach the highest levels, there’s still more to do, and even then, they’ll still have to work hard to maintain their credentials. Major firms are no different. In order to stay relevant, companies need to continually drive their workforces forward in pursuit of higher qualifications.

Competent staff members engender more capable firms, but it’s not always easy to know how to direct your improvement efforts. ITIL consultants who understand how to analyze your strengths and weaknesses provide critical insights into training regimens and how best to structure ongoing professional education for maximum efficacy.

Although your firm may not constantly solicit courses, checking in for an assessment every few months is critical to leveraging ITIL knowledge effectively over the long term.

Projects Are Rarely Static

ITIL, like many ITSM frameworks, strives for self awareness, and so should your case-by-case implementations. Instead of simply accepting the assumption that your recent application of ITIL standards is as good as it can get, for instance, you should check with a knowledgeable source to confirm that you’ve actually reached your targets in an effective manner.

You may well discover that you had a critical misunderstanding about a core concept that is now compromising the potential benefits of using ITIL.

Without an unbiased perspective, it’s pretty difficult to judge your implementation of ITIL standards. Consultants who have experience training firms about the core concepts and advanced strategies may broaden your perspective sufficiently to let you graduate to the next level of real-world ITIL usage and improve your previous projects.

Training Effectively Requires Planning

Finally, use the same strict standards you’d apply to a client’s project to evaluate your internal training programs. Is it possible that you could restructure your training to foster increased cost efficacy or more efficient dissemination of knowledge? In most cases, the answer is yes, but the crux of the problem is whether or not you’ll actually notice the ways you can improve.

In addition to training governments, professional power players and major industry concerns about the basics, Ashford Global IT consultants have helped firms master ITIL in the real world. Go back and improve the way you implement frameworks and training by contacting them today.


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