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Successful Onsite IT Training for Businesses

Employee IT TrainingYou’re convinced. Your IT staff needs training, whether for a new product or a massive cultural shift. You’ve done your homework and found that onsite IT training has significant benefits in situations like yours.

You found a training partner who can customize their training for your staff. You cost-justified it all and secured funding. Now what? Onsite training is not automatically successful. Protect your investment in your people and their skills with a few simple steps.

Setting Up Your Training Site

If your company isn’t lucky enough to have an in-house training area, chances are you will set up a conference room as a classroom. That means you need to ensure the facilities are appropriate to support the training.

Work with the instructor to be certain the facility expectations are clear and achievable. As simple as these things seem, if they’re not prepared and checked in advance, training can be delayed or interrupted, wasting employee time and your training budget.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are there enough power connections for employee laptops?
  • If not all employees have laptops, are there systems they can use in the conference room during the course?
  • Can the conference room be locked at night or must valuables be removed and secured?
  • Can all the instructor’s needs – audio, video, etc. – be met?
  • Has all required equipment been reserved for the training period?
  • Is there sufficient bandwidth in the room to support the training?
  • Has physical access to the area been secured for the instructor and students?

Training Support Considerations

Training will be seriously degraded if students are pulled from class to deal with real or imaginary crises or if they feel free to leave for meetings. In addition, significant support from IT may be required for training environments.

Ensure you cover these items:

  • Have the student calendars been cleared for duration of the onsite class, and have the students been taken off of the on-call rotation so they can stay focused?
  • Are student sign-ons needed? If so, have they been requested from access control?
  • If a training environment is required, have the appropriate application and infrastructure groups been approached regarding requirements, refreshes and preparation time?

The well-known benefits of onsite IT training make it the perfect training option for certain topics and projects that affect broad areas of IT, like ITIL® or Microsoft® Office products. Ensuring that everyone buys off on the importance of training, supports their employees’ participation and helps ensure that the environment is prepared will optimize the benefits and make your commitment cost-effective.

Ashford Global IT, AGIT, is a leading training provider to today’s businesses across a variety of courses including ITIL, CompTIA® and more. Contact them today to discuss your training needs.

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