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How ITIL® Benefits Your Company

Learn webITIL® is the world’s leader in IT Service Management standards. ITIL offers adopters a real-world framework that enables them to identify, plan, deliver and support IT services to organizations based on actual business needs.

The basic underlying premise of ITIL is that the services your IT department offers must necessarily be aligned with business needs and business processes.

Reason Your Company Need  ITIL

IT should be a tool that empowers business, creates positive business change, inspires transformation, and helps the business grow. If your IT department isn’t doing that, it’s time to rethink exactly what you are doing.


If your company is considering adopting ITIL standards, you’re on the right track. Here are some of the ways ITIL benefits your company:
  • Improved IT service offerings. ITIL makes your IT department run better. This framework helps you align your service offerings with the rest of your company. Rather than implementing tech for tech’s sake, your IT department will design technological solutions that meet real-world business needs. Those solutions provide a visible and immediate benefit to your company’s core business functions.
  • Reduced IT costs. There’s a lot of waste in IT, and much of it can be prevented. ITIL helps you prioritize your IT budget by paring back services and functions that don’t directly support business needs.
  • Greater productivity. Adopting this standard means your IT team will spend less time doing things that have no tangible benefit to the company. IT staff hours become more productive.
  • Effective utilization of experience and skills. ITIL helps you identify your team’s strengths and leverage those to help benefit the company.
  • Better management of third party services. With so many IT functions moving to cloud-based providers, IT departments are becoming gatekeepers and watchdogs, making sure vendors meet the targets in the Service Level Agreements. ITIL helps manage those third party services and keep vendors accountable.
  • Greater end user satisfaction. IT can and should be viewed by end users as an invaluable resource. By directly supporting business needs, IT will necessarily garner greater value throughout the user base. ITIL helps you provide the services and support end users need, demonstrating the value of your services.

Thousands of companies are using ITIL, including some big names. ITIL has been adopted by NASA, the National Health Service in the UK, Disney, HP, IBM and more.

ITIL training is available in a variety of formats to suit your organization’s needs. There are instructor-led courses, online courses and self-study courses that allow the participant to work at his or her own pace.

Start exploring the benefits of ITIL for your company today. Adopting this framework will not only improve your IT operations, it will benefit the entire company and lead to greater efficiency and success across the organization.


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