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Ashford Global IT Offers Customized Classes That Fit Everyone’s Needs

ashford logo pack final logo and business cardsWhether you are interested in developing your business skills or gaining knowledge in the field of IT and security, Ashford Global IT (AGIT) has a course specially designed for you.

AGIT offers ITIL® training and certification courses, IT security courses, and several soft business skills courses that are essential for today’s working professionals.

Benefits of Choosing Ashford Global

Business professionals can attend AGIT’s training sessions at their own facility, at one of AGIT’s facilities, or in a convenient online classroom. AGIT offers open-enrollment courses throughout the country. In addition, Ashford Global IT provides business consulting services to both medium and large size enterprises.

The training at Ashford Global IT is provided through a combination of teaching methodologies. Lectures are delivered, discussions are held, and real-world, scenario-based team and individual activities and labs are conducted. AGIT’s course instructors are highly experienced and come from an elite group. These skilled instructors carry a unique style and knowledge that brings life to the classroom. The information presented in the courses is not only valuable but also implementable in a real world business environment.

The courses offered by AGIT are not only designed for individuals; many organizations regularly send their employees for various training needs as well. The description of each course including where the course will be held is available on AGIT’s website.

AGIT’s training programs can be modified and customized according to your requirements. Simply discuss your training requirements with us, and if you have more than eight students who need training, we will design a unique class that fits your requirements. For instance, if your employees are experts at Excel PivotTables and functions but want to explore the use of Excel as a database, we will design the course accordingly.

Through our dedication and commitment to delivering quality education, Ashford Global IT is becoming a major presence in the global IT training community. Ashford Global IT realizes that each business is different from the other. Therefore, AGIT’s course instructors can design a unique training program according to your needs and your business requirements. This ensures that your time and money are not wasted.

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