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Microsoft’s Certified Information Technology Professional Database Administrator: An Overview

CISM TrainingDatabase systems are the bedrock of almost all modern computing systems and platforms. Websites like Google, Amazon and eBay run on huge database systems to provide data and resources in real time.

The ever growing piles of data available on servers around the world need to be built into coherent and logical configurations to make them accessible to both technical professionals and mundane computer users.


Due to this growth in data, the database world is a fast growing segment of the Information Technology industry and is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next decade. Building, administrating and querying these systems is the responsibility of a database administrator or architect.

The High Demand In IT

These individuals often have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or other technical disciplines coupled with a few years of experience and a certification from a leading software vendor. As these systems grow ever more complicated, more and more companies are looking for individuals who stand out from the crowd and have proven their expertise with leading certifications.

Microsoft’s Certified Information Technology Professional Database Administrator is one such certification designed to prove your ability to design, implement and manage Microsoft SQL Server databases. This certification will transition next year into the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate or MCSA. The certification exam will rigorously examine your ability to create a highly-available solution, distribute data, define security solutions, monitor and troubleshoot database servers as well as conduct maintenance and automate routine tasks. This certification will validate your skills as a professional capable of taking charge of or building a new database server and maintaining peak performance.  Other skills covered under this certification include automation of everyday SQL administrative tasks, writing queries, using Microsoft’s PowerShell command line interface to administer SQL servers and building clustered SQL Server 2012 environments to help ensure that enterprise critical databases and applications are always available to users.

This newest evolution of Microsoft’s Database centric certification replaces the older Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or MCDBA. The newer MCITP: Database Administrator validates skills on the latest version of Microsoft’s Relational Database Management System SQL 2012. SQL 2012 is designed to integrate with all of the latest Microsoft products such as SharePoint 2013 and the older SharePoint 2010. SQL 2012 is designed to provide a robust, scalable and simple to use environment that can handle the most demanding tasks. Certifying with this application is a sure fire way to enhance your technical credentials and keep your skills as current as possible!

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