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How Businesses Can Enjoy Successful Onsite IT Training

On Site TrainingIT, or information technology, is a rapidly advancing and evolving industry. From year to year, software and programs that were once at the forefront of technology can become obsolete, which is why ongoing IT training is so important for anyone involved in the field.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from onsite IT training, which involves a professional coming in to the office to conduct a training program for all or some employees at the company.

While there is no doubt that onsite IT training can be pivotal whether you are gearing up to release a new product, embrace ITIL® protocol or boost network security through CISA, here are some tips to increase the efficiency and success of any onsite IT training programs.

Create a Training Space Free From Distractions

In order for onsite training to be as effective as possible, participants enrolled in the program should be able to focus and concentrate throughout the duration of the course. Employers should not attempt to have participants handle their day-to-day duties at the same time as the training is being held, or the quality of learning will suffer.

In addition, it is important for the trainer to have all the tools necessary to conduct the program. This often includes a way to display visual aids, which could be through a projector, a white board or a computer screen.

A U-shaped seating arrangement is also ideal as it ensures that everyone has a clear and direct view of the trainer and the materials being presented.

Set an Itinerary for Each Day of Training

Most IT training professionals will have a set itinerary that walks participants through what to expect during each hour and day of training. Participants often say that this is motivating, as it is possible to see what they will learn over the duration of the course.

Plus, it ensures that there are no unnecessary questions about logistics, freeing up both the trainer and the students to focus on the bigger picture.

Conclude the Program With an Examination

A great way to end an onsite IT training program is with an examination. There are three benefits to doing so.

  • First, it ensures that students pay attention throughout the program.
  • Second, it allows employers to see whether the training has ultimately been successful.
  • Third, it means that those who pass the exam can receive a certification demonstrating their understanding or mastery of the IT subject being covered.

Only Hire Top IT Trainers to Lead Training Programs

Perhaps the most important part of the equation when it comes to successful onsite IT training is choosing IT trainers who are up to par. The best trainers will be knowledgeable but also friendly, warm and willing to work with individuals who have questions.

At Ashford Global, IT trainers are trained at the highest level and are leaders in a corporate classroom as well as mentors for inquisitive participants.

Whether you need to have employees brush up on CISA or learn the basics of Microsoft Office programs, the right onsite IT training is instrumental.

Contact us today and let’s set up the training you need for your staff.

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