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Why Choose Vendor-Neutral Certifications Like CompTIA®?

IT CertificationsIt can be difficult to choose a single certification to pursue as you work towards new job positions or try to add to your resume. Although certain qualifications are obviously beneficial because a large number of employers want staff who possess them, others are extremely hard for trainees to distinguish between.

Here are some basics on deciding whether qualifications like the CompTIA® Network Certification are worth your training time. For more information on what this standard entails and how to get started, visit us here.

What Does It Mean to Be Vendor Neutral?

CompTIA Certifications are different from many other training frameworks and qualifications because they’re specifically designed to be vendor neutral. This means that although these standards are employed and relied on by multiple firms, such as Apple®, Ricoh® and Dell®, they’re not specifically associated with or formulated by any one of them.

Due to vendor-neutrality, the information that trainees acquire in their CompTIA courses transfers rather well. Those who learn these principles for a specific job position will still be able to apply them if their career paths change in the future.

How Firms View Vendor-Neutral Credentials

In most cases, companies that want to hire new personnel actually prefer it when these acquisitions are acquainted with industry-wide standards. While it’s nice to have worked on a major project for a specific firm, proprietary technologies and methods don’t advance careers to the same degree as open and shared standards do.

Firms need to know that they’ll be able to apply an employee’s skills to their unique goals. CompTIA Network Certifications focus on objectives that are readily applicable to a significantly wide range of jobs and projects. By gaining general expertise in areas like media and topologies, network support, network implementation, and protocols and standards, professionals can usually transition their talents to a wider range of specific network implementations and job disciplines.

Applying CompTIA Certification Skills

Finally, remember that CompTIA Certifications don’t just apply to networking. Other certifications, like CompTIA Security, focus on related disciplines that make it far easier for professionals to acquire in-demand skills and fill lucrative job positions.

Vendor-neutral certifications make it easier to take what you’ve learned in a specific area or situation and use it throughout your career. While there are numerous certifications to draw upon as you attempt to work your way up the corporate ladder, qualifications like CompTIA Network and CompTIA Security are based on widely accepted principles that have been identified as valuable to multiple employers. Furthermore, the CompTIA A+ certification is an extremely popular entry-level qualification with professionals who are just getting started with their journey towards becoming fully credentialed.

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