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Top Employers Look for the CompTIA® Network+ Certification

Computer NetworkIf you want to get ahead in the IT world, you can do so in leaps and bounds by earning your CompTIA® Network+ Certification. This certification is for network installers, cable installers, network administrators and network technicians who want to improve their career skills.

It is widely recognized by IT companies and is a prerequisite for professionals who want to join Apple’s Consultants Network and firms like Cisco® and Hewlett Packard® who recognize it as a vital component of their internal certification paths.

Getting Started the Right Way with Network Certifications

The best way to approach your journey to the CompTIA Network+ Certification is to take an online class. Online courses let you work at your own pace, which is very useful if you’re currently employed. It’s also smart to have about nine months to a year of experience in the field and a basic CompTIA A+ Certification. These aren’t requirements per se, but they make it much easier to understand the material you’re going to encounter, and the same can be said of academic training.

The certification encompasses six domains, including Network Tools, Network Security, Network Technologies, Network Media and Topologies, Network Devices, and Network Management. These domains are further subdivided into relevant topics like the Open Source Initiative (OSI) model and wiring standards. Plan your course of study so that you don’t leave anything out.

Besting the CompTIA Network+ Test

The exam itself is no longer than 100 questions, some of which are performance-based. These ask you to solve a problem or complete a given networking task in a simulated environment. The rest of the questions are multiple choice, and the whole affair only takes 90 minutes to complete. To pass, you must earn a score of no less than 720 out of 900 points.

Although these exams seem daunting to many, the fact of the matter is that they’re easily mastered by those with adequate training. Online courses that incorporate self-direction are usually the best ways to completely cover all of the subject matter and reinforce problematic areas.

Using your Certification to Advance Your Career

It’s not hard to justify the effort required to earn your CompTIA Network+ Certification. It will make your resume highly appealing to employers and open up higher-paying career opportunities. If those factors aren’t sufficient, the Network+ Certification can also be combined with the CompTIA A+ Certification to complete your Microsoft® Certified Systems Administrator program.

Of course, the most noticeable benefits are more immediate. After adopting industry-accepted standards, you’ll find it far easier to get things done without investing nearly as much effort. You’ll make fewer mistakes and have to backpedal less. In the end, there’s really no good reason not to begin your path to certification.

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