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Take a Closer Look at the CompTIA Network Certification

Training Specialist and EmployeeWhether your business deals exclusively in information technology or you have a strong IT department within an unrelated industry, you almost certainly need talented and trained individuals who understand the ins and outs of networking.

Such employees are vital whatever the business, but they are especially integral if you provide IT services for clients, in which case your IT staff will physically meet and interact with customers in their homes or offices.

To ensure that you have staff that are familiar with all aspects of networking and have impeccable credentials, enroll groups or individuals into the CompTIA Network Certification Program from Ashford Global.

The Benefits of Having Qualified Employees

If you already have employees who handle networking technologies, you might wonder why additional training is necessary. CompTIA Network Certification does more than just train employees well, although it certainly does do so.

The Certification Program expands by showing participants how to install networks, configure them and create adequate security measures for them. After completion, just some of the job titles for candidates could include IT cable installer, network security expert or help desk technician.

In addition, it is important to remember that your networking experts are often the people who interact most with clients, or who are sent to offices on the job to handle installation, upgrades or security tests.

For this reason, it is vital that those who represent your company have the best possible credentials. It is often cheaper to provide training to entry-level employees than it is to hire those with advanced degrees in computer networking. After taking the CompTIA Networking Certification Program and exam, your staff will have the credentials necessary to impress clients and boost the image of your company in a major way.

What’s Covered in a CompTIA Network Certification Program

Once you’ve determined that your business’ employees could benefit from additional training, it is time to hone in on a program that will be most effective. The CompTIA Network Certification Training Course takes place over five days, and it will traditionally be held onsite during normal business hours.

The primary focus of the program will be on network installation, networking technology, networking security and networking management. You can rest assured that the material is up to date, and there has been a recent emphasis on virtual networking as well as the seven-layer Open System Connection network model, which is integral in order to stay ahead in the IT industry.

Proven Results Through Exams and Set Training Courses

There is no question that the five-day CompTIA Network Certification Training Program can boost the education and qualifications of staff. To prove that participants have learned a substantial amount of relevant material over the course of the training program, there is an exam held on the final day. The N10-005 exam in CompTIA Networking places an emphasis on the newest developments in the field, keeping your employees and your business current.

Give your employees the training that they, and your clients, deserve. CompTIA Network Certification covers the bases, is effective and comes with a complete exam showcasing the skills learned by participants.


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