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Protect Your Business Through CompTIA Security Training

IT Security Modern businesses collect enormous amounts of data at every turn. You may have data from users who log into your website, data about potential customers, information about your own employees and even data that include billing information for clients.

All of this must be kept secure and away from prying eyes, and leaks or hacks could result in customers having their identities stolen, breaking the law in regards to employee privacy and even having competitors steal leads or proprietary information. In light of all this, it is more important that ever to enroll employees at every level in security courses so that they are better equipped to protect your business.

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA stands for the Computing Technology Industry Association, which is unquestionably one of the leaders in the world of tech certifications.  CompTIA offers certification courses in networks as well as basic computing hardware, both of which can be beneficial to businesses of any size.

However, CompTIA’s Security Program is the best fit for those looking for a program that can give greater levels of protection to the large amounts of data and information stored by a company.

Subjects Covered in CompTIA Security Courses

This is an entry-level certification, which means that the basics as well as more advanced elements of security will be covered.  Participants will learn about how to encrypt data so that it can’t be read or understood by anyone without the key.  You will also learn more about network security and how to ensure that your business network is properly protected against outsiders.

The security program will also contain elements like the complexity of network infrastructure and how to protect the data included in cloud computing.  There is also a focus on how best to recover after a security breach, which is key so that business isn’t halted or customers aren’t frustrated.

Candidates Suitable for CompTIA Security Training

While this is an entry-level course, it is not recommended for those who have limited knowledge about computing and networks as a whole.  Ideally, candidates who enroll in this program will have already completed a CompTIA program like A+ or Network+.

However, anyone can benefit from the knowledge presented in CompTIA Security programs, and those who work in roles like cyber security professional, network administrator or security analyst should all consider this program so that they can be better equipped in their daily work routines.

Benefits of the CompTIA Security Program

With so many different cyber security training programs and certifications available, you may wonder what it is about CompTIA that sets its curriculum apart from others.  First, and perhaps most importantly, CompTIA Security certifications are approved and recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense.  The exam for the certification is just 90 minutes in duration and consists of 90 questions, making it more straightforward that many other programs.

However, after passing the exam and completing the program, participants will be certified for life, and there are no additional renewal courses required to keep that certification.

If you want to do a better job of protecting your growing business, then CompTIA Security Training offered by Ashford Global can be a savvy move worth considering.

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