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Leveraging the CompTIA® Network+ Certification at Your Firm

Network DevicesIt’s impossible to foresee which of the countless tiny mistakes made during the implementation of a typical network might eventually lead to its downfall. Everyone who works on a network is a lynchpin in its overall security and efficiency, so it’s well worth ensuring that all of your staff members are as qualified as possible. The CompTIA® Network+ Certification is the ideal benchmark.

Why Look for Certified Individuals?

When it comes to network technologies and topologies, there’s no such thing as a non-essential task. Network administrators, technicians, help desk staff and even cable installers perform vital roles in building and maintaining network architectures. As a result, they all need to adhere to well-established procedures.

The CompTIA Network+ Certification ensures that these professionals hold themselves to higher standards. Staff members who maintain their certifications must continually improve their skills and demonstrate their commitment to professional training. As such, they’re able to perform at higher levels and consistently solve problems in a robust fashion that meets modern industry standards.

Domain-Based Focuses

CompTIA Network+ training is divided into six different domains:

  • 1.0 Network Technologies
  • 2.0 Network Media and Topologies
  • 3.0 Network Devices
  • 4.0 Network Management
  • 5.0 Network Tools
  • 6.0 Network Security

This division of domains make it easy for candidates to beef up their specializations as well as gain a sharper understanding of the subject as a whole. By focusing different percentages of the syllabus on specific domains, the CompTIA standard ensures that everyone who earns their certification understands how their work affects your network.

Domains like Network Technologies, which accounts for 20 percent of the exam, deal with essentials that everyone should know. For your administrators and cable-laying personnel to work together, they need to be on the same page. Familiarity with these domains ensures that they share the same basic knowledge that they’ll need to communicate problems and correct them using the specific disciplines that they’ve mastered individually.

Building Proven Networks

If you’re creating a new IT service from scratch, there’s no way to prove that it works without trying it out, but CompTIA Network+ Certifications allow your staff to at least guarantee the viability of the underlying architectures. CompTIA Certifications are required by major global tech companies like Apple®, Microsoft® and HP®, and the methods this training imparts are accepted as industry standards.

While it may be possible to create a network that functions adequately without adhering to widespread standards, you can’t hope to compete with such an implementation. Requiring your employees to earn the CompTIA Network+ Certification is the easiest way to ensure that their work is consistently reliable.


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