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Improving Your Qualifications with CompTIA® Security

Security AwarenessData security has recently come to the forefront of public attention with news that numerous firms and government organizations, such as the National Security Agency (NSA), are cooperating to take advantage of technology for espionage and domestic surveillance purposes.

While the political and social ramifications of these trends are debatable, firms and IT professionals on both sides of the argument agree that gaining some form of security credentials is an essential career move.

Earning CompTIA® Security+ Certification is one of the most important parts of making oneself more valuable to employers.

The Vast Range of Security Implementations

Data security is one of IT’s most rapidly expanding sectors. This is, in no small part, due to the fact that there are many different methods of controlling data or side-stepping such controls in order to access information.

New encryption methods, for instance, are constantly being developed and implemented. Although some core technologies tend to stick around as a result of their enduring usefulness, even the essentials undergo periodic refinement.

CompTIA Security Certification helps IT professionals demonstrate their familiarity with an extremely broad body of knowledge. Hiring staff who see this certification on a resume know that they can count on the applicant to be familiar with a number of domains, such as network security, cryptography and access control.

Proving One’s Professional Worth

Most professional certifications are open to anyone who has an interest in earning them. A lack of actual experience doesn’t preclude one from earning a CompTIA Security+ Certification. Nonetheless, most individuals who earn their certificate have a minimum of two years of specialized experience with technical networking, and that makes a big difference.

Employers know that earning one’s CompTIA Security+ Certification requires a high level of competence. Applicants who have the certification immediately stand out as individuals who are not only self-motivated but also intelligent enough to apply themselves to a broad range of security domains and still keep all the fine details straight. Because many individuals gain some of their knowledge by earning their CompTIA Network+ Certification first, the Security+ qualification usually indicates that an applicant has even more professional drive.

Making Careers Easier

One of the most important advantages of CompTIA Security+ training and qualification is that the subjects addressed are directly applicable to one’s career. The formal IT educations that professionals receive in college or elsewhere are often skewed in terms of the methodologies they impart. By earning a security certification encompassing a huge range of topics that have individually been identified as being important within the industry, IT workers learn alternate techniques and become comfortable with a broader range of technologies.

CompTIA Security+ Certification makes resumes appear more well-rounded, and they also ensure that professionals aren’t as limited in their ability to respond to security issues on the job. Employers who see this certification know that applicants are more capable, and they give them due consideration as a result.

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