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Earning Your CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ CertificationYou know data security is important. It’s one of IT’s most rapidly growing subfields, meaning that even people who aren’t actively involved with fighting off incursions have to know something about preventing them.

Firms want to hire people who can help them create invulnerable IT services. While this probably isn’t realistically possible, you can nonetheless do your part by earning your CompTIA® Security+ Certification. With huge organizations like IBM, Ricoh, Lockheed Martin, General Mills and the U.S. Department of Defense regularly employing people who have this certification, you’ll also be making yourself more hirable.

Display your Prowess in IT Security

One of the nice things about CompTIA Security+ training programs is that the certification allows you to demonstrate your mastery of six different specializations. These include Network Security, Compliance and Operational Security, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Application, Data and Host Security, Access Control and Identity Management, and Cryptography.

Using CompTIA training to enhance essential skills now will make it easier for you to transition as needed in the future. You can expand your level of knowledge across different areas making your career opportunities greater as well.

Improve your Career Prospects

Although you may just be in an entry-level position now, you can make yourself more qualified for upcoming opportunities by participating in online training in your spare time. Many IT professionals who earn their CompTIA Security+ Certification this way eventually go on to become administrators and consultants.

The CompTIA Continuing Education Program also makes it easy to keep your training and knowledge relevant as time goes on. Don’t sit on your laurels and assume that your certifications will never need updating. By completing online Continuing Education Units (CEU), you’ll maintain your certifications and ultimately maintain your value as a knowledgeable employee.

Passing the CompTIA Test and Beyond

The CompTIA Security+ test is usually about 100 questions long. It includes multiple-choice questions and some performance-based problems. Although you may be apprehensive about the latter, many candidates find that performance-based simulation evaluations give them a chance to demonstrate the skills they’re confident in. These simulations may also be better at helping you deal with real-world problems you encounter in the workplace later on.

Remember, earning and maintaining your CompTIA Security+ Certification is only the beginning. You’ll doubtlessly be called upon to perform more advanced tasks when employers see your credentials. Use the same drive that motivated you to get certified in the first place to continually improve your skills, and you’ll find that you can pick and choose what career tasks you accept.

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