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CompTIA® Security+ Helps Strengthen Organizational Viability

CompTIA SecurityNobody would dispute the critical importance of data security, but many people fail to recognize the field’s essential relationship with operational security. Threats come from a huge number of conventional and novel sources, so it’s important to gain a familiarity with all of the potential weaknesses that your organization might be hiding.

The CompTIA® Security+ Certification ensures that your employees understand the gravity of their work and know how to make their output more resistant to threats. Find CompTIA training options by clicking here.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

By dividing security into six domains, the CompTIA Security+ Certification gives professionals a complete look at the top modern industry standards. The six domains are:

  • Systems Security
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Access Control
  • Assessments & Audits
  • Cryptography
  • Organizational Security

Although a specific individual may never use the skills they learn in the cryptography domain during the course of their regular job, for instance, the fact that they have mastered it could make their design of access control schemes more robust.

Implementing a single data security strategy by itself only leaves your organization open to a host of other threats. Cover as many of your bases as you can by working with staff that understands the broad scope of potential data threats.

Relating Principles to Practices

Because CompTIA Security+ is widely used in the IT industry, its principles are adaptable to numerous common technologies and standards. Domains like Application, Data and Host Security are further subdivided into specific procedures that can be applied using numerous network architectures and software platforms. Anti-malware, mobile device security and hardware security may be generic subjects, but understanding how they should be implemented is critical to using them successfully.

Other data security techniques like data encryption can be implemented using multiple methods that have their own cost and efficiency benefits and disadvantages. The familiarity that CompTIA certificate holders have with these concepts is an essential factor in whether they can leverage them for your firm and make the most of your resources.

Making Your Entire Organization Stronger

While many executives are perfectly happy to call physical security consultants and take their advice on how to protect their server rooms and wiring closets, these installations have unique requirements. In addition to the standard physical access control procedures you’re familiar with, you’ll have to implement new chain of custody schemes and security policies to keep your intangible info safe from attacks that you can’t see. CompTIA Security+ addresses facility-wide security on multiple levels.

Your company relies on the data it hosts or provides. Protecting this commodity is essential, but there are seemingly infinite threats to fight against. Without some kind of accepted guide, the task of safeguarding your corporate information becomes impossible. The CompTIA Security+ Certification lets you know that your staff has the skills and relevant knowledge to implement the proper protection.


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