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CompTIA A+: Essential Learning for Every Computer Expert

Online Training for BusinessCompTIA A+ is a certification for computer technicians. Entry level technicians learn preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, and the basics of networking during the CompTIA A+ training course.

They will  study ethical subjects such as professionalism. CompTIA is the computer industry’s largest creator of IT Certification examinations.

Benefits of CompTIA

The certifications are recognized all over the world as they help in building competent and capable IT professionals. The CompTIA Certification program was established in 1993, and since then, it has created more than 1 million qualified individuals.

The program is so well respected that in 2007 the American National Standards Institute accredited not one but three of CompTIA’s programs: A+, Network+, and Security+.

The CompTIA A+ Certification accredits an individual’s expertise as a computer technician. The best part is that the CompTIA A+ Certification is vendor neutral. This certification course covers all the important tools, technologies, and operating systems that are prevalent in the home computing market these days. These include all the big names such as Microsoft, Apple Inc., and Novell. Some Linux variations are also covered in the CompTIA A+ Certification course.

The CompTIA A+ 2009 edition is the latest version of the A+ Certification. In order to attain the CompTIA A+ Certification, students need to pass two exams:

  • CompTIA A+ Essentials
    • This exam measures an IT Professional’s expertise in the fundamentals of computer technology. Other subjects to be examined include networking, security, professionalism, and communication skills.
  • CompTIA A+ Practical Application
    • Everything assessed in the first exam is tested even deeper with more experience-oriented scenarios. Trainees are required to use their troubleshooting experience and tools to solve the given problems.

The focus of these exams is not theory. Students are required to show practical ability as IT professionals. Even though it is the first and most basic of all CompTIA exams, the study guide is very in-depth so students must study each topic thoroughly in order to pass the exam. For example, when studying Operating Systems, topics will include the history and development of Operating Systems, memory management, configuration files, etc.

At Ashford Global IT (AGIT), we make sure that all our students learn the core topics that will be covered on the exams during their training. Of all the CompTIA A+ Certification courses being offered out there today, ours is the most comprehensive to date.

You will receive practical assistance and useful guidelines on answering questions and working out problems and scenarios in all areas covered on the test including:

  • Installation and repair of hard drives, power supplies, printers, and modems
  • Memory, BIOS, and CMOS
  • Portable PCs
  • Multimedia devices
  • Input devices

Our virtual and simulation labs let you practice the skills that can help you become A+ certified. These simulations allow you to display your understanding of the subject matter and build real world expertise.

At Ashford Global IT, our CompTIA A+ Certification training course gives you a truly integrated learning experience that not only helps you pass your exam the first time but, also lets you apply your learning at your workplace. You will get an amazing grasp at what you are learning.

So, give your employer a reason to trust you and promote you. Join us at Ashford Global IT and see your career soar to new heights


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