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CompTIA A+ Certification: Your Ticket to a Better Career!

Knowledge puzzle piece webCertifications and qualifications lead to better job security. They also mean better career opportunities and higher pay rates.

For companies, certified workers mean better credibility among customers and increased productivity. But how does one differentiate among the myriad of trainings and courses available out there?


The Demand of Information Technology

Even in these tough economical times, Information Technology (IT) has become a rapidly growing field. The IT industry is wide, and there are many people out there calling themselves IT professionals. So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack?

CompTIA certifications are your answer to these burning questions.  These certifications not only confirm your skills but also give you a professional edge.

CompTIA certifications are internationally trusted, and there are more than 80,000 CompTIA certified computer technicians all over the world.  These certifications are created in accordance with industry standards. Industry experts from public and private sectors are consulted when creating the training matter. Large international focus groups are engaged, and government and academic subject experts from around the world are invited to write and appraise the exams.

This is why CompTIA certifications are a guarantee that you are dedicated to your career and deserve the attention coming your way.

One of the most important CompTIA certifications is the CompTIA A+ Certification.  Entry level IT technicians have much to gain from an A+ Certification. It is the best entry-level certification throughout the industry.

How can I get CompTIA Certified?

At Ashford Global IT (AGIT), students get the best hand-on training in their A+ Certification training course, thus ensuring them of passing the two A+ Certification exams: CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ Practical Application.  Students at AGIT will also learn preventive maintenance of home computers as well as basic networking and installation.

You will study the course’s topics thoroughly! Whether it’s inside the box or outside it, you will learn the course material. Plus, you won’t only pass the exam, but you will put your knowledge to practical use.

And once you have gained your qualification, you will be happy to know that the CompTIA A+ Certification is a vendor neutral certification. Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNA require it as a prerequisite and may even give exemptions.

Virtual classes are cheaper

Ashford Global IT has the best virtual and simulation labs any institute can offer. But despite all the worthy praises, the best advantage you will get is affordable education. With the help of AGIT’s virtual labs, you will not need a hardware lab to practice your skills.  This means savings for your institute and you!

You will learn the complete groundwork for the A+ Certification, be it troubleshooting, maintenance, operating system features, networking, or security. There won’t be a single part of the A+ study guide left untouched.

Along with video training, you will learn from written lessons, simulation labs, detailed demos, and, of course, practice exams to make you comfortable with the exam format.

Imagine getting all this in one smart training package!

Ashford Global builds confidence

This integrated approach to learning gives you confidence in your IT abilities and thus the best results on your exams.

So, if you need a certification to prove your competency in today’s cut-throat competitive world, choose the CompTIA A+ Certification course at Ashford Global IT and let your career take off to new heights.

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