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Boosting Your Skills with CompTIA® Security

IT SecurityAre the networks and IT service implementations that you create for your employer as secure as possible? While you may feel pretty certain that you’ve cut off all potential backdoor entry points, it’d probably be better if you were certain there were no access points.

Earning a CompTIA® Security Certification provides you with additional knowledge to ensure your work meets standards and will also enhance your career opportunities.

IT security is more important than ever and enhancing your skills with training in industry-recognized security protocols can be of great benefit to you and your employer.

Adhering To Industry Security Standards

The products you create today may prevent your firm from working with someone else tomorrow, and your bosses know it. They can’t promote you to the highest levels of management if you lack the CompTIA skills needed to ensure that your networks and applications adhere to security standards established by bodies like the Department of Defense.

By becoming CompTIA Certified, you may be able to improve your career outlook within your current organization. Even if you aren’t crowned as the new department head, you could still fulfill important adviser or oversight roles on major contract projects for governments and other organizations. These projects look really good on resumes, so the training required to earn your certification is well worth it. Learn more about what goes into qualifying by reading this article.

Improving Your Areas of Deficiency

Of course, you don’t need high-level management ambitions to benefit from CompTIA Certification. CompTIA covers a huge range of security topics broken up into six major domains; in short, this training is a great way to cover subject matter you missed along the way.

Take one of the disciplines, Cryptography, for instance. There are scores of symmetric and asymmetric methods for encrypting data securely, and different methodologies possess their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In most cases, those who employ Cryptography on a regular basis within their own work only have in-depth experience with a few of its variants. Such deficiencies may limit their adaptability and usefulness within the workplace.

Although CompTIA Security certifications don’t force you to learn the mathematical theory behind every specific cryptography implementation, they do ensure that you’re more familiar with all of them. As a result, certificate holders can transition to new projects or employment situations that require the application of methods they’d be unfamiliar with otherwise.

Making Smarter Business-Oriented Decisions

One of the biggest benefits of earning your Security+ Certification is that doing so can help you build more viable products. In addition to learning how to use common security implementations, you’ll also gain familiarity with the drawbacks and advantages of each. This ensures that you can create IT applications and architectures that meet your employers’ project budget goals.

CompTIA Security training might determine how far you take your career by opening the door to a host of government and private-sector jobs that might have been out of reach before. Earning this credential can only improve your job qualifications and open up other opportunities to you.

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