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Writing a Project Plan

Hands Writing webOne of the most essential tools needed for success in any environment is organization.From process models to structured feedback, everything used for developing products and services should be in order.A project plan is a fundamental document for this purpose. A project plan will identify how and when specific goals will be achieved.

A successful plan will include expected outputs, major milestones, ongoing processes, and needed resources.As a manager, you may create the plans for your projects. This important task will provide the baseline for all requirements and drive the final project.

Here are some basic elements to include in any project plan:

  • Project Objectives: Objectives are critical to the overall goals of the project. Objectives must be fully defined specifying the ‘when,’ ‘who,’ and ‘by how much’ of a project.
  • Deliverables: With the objectives defined, make a detailed list of all required deliverables including prototypes, documentation, testing and re-testing.  Identify all time estimates and processes required for achieving each deliverable in this segment of the project plan.
  • Schedules: When developing the schedule, identify resources needed for each task. Once a schedule is available, it is possible to estimate critical dates and establish milestones to track final delivery of the product. Several software packages, such as Microsoft Project, are available to assist users in managing supporting elements of every project including Work Breakdown Structures and resource allocations. For additional assistance, one should look at the writings of Henry Gantt, Henri Fayol, and F.W. Taylor.
  • Plans: Detailed planning with checklists ensures processes run smoothly and clients receive a better working product.

These are the important aspects to keep in mind when developing a project plan. Sound writing skills are essential to assure your document is understood. In addition, you will need writing skills to pen other documents that are required for building your project plan, such as business proposals, contracts, and procedures.

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