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“Write On! Learning the Basics of Business Writing”

Keyboard webWritten communication is extremely important in today’s computer-oriented world, but many people who are tasked with composing or editing business communications do not understand the basics of business writing.

Without a firm grasp of how business documents are created and edited, business writing becomes a struggle for even the best authors and professionals.

By developing professional business writing skills, employees such as network administrators, managers and others can learn to create the documents needed to satisfy the demands of companies and meet business goals.

How is Business Writing Different from Other Writing?

Business writing is writing with a purpose. It supports the goals of a company and furthers a particular set of objectives. Unlike creative writing, business writing is directed and often has very specific formats that must be used in order to successfully create documents that communicate to those within the business and those outside the company.

In order to write well-organized business documents, it is important for writers to have specific training that teaches them how to utilize different formats and when those formats are appropriate.

What Do Business Writing Courses Teach?

Business writing classes are built around performance-based objectives. This means that students are assessed on their actual output rather than on academic knowledge of a topic. Students are taught to focus on a topic, communicate with a designated audience effectively and identify the right techniques and appropriate document formats for various business needs.

Students in business writing classes are exposed to many types of writing and document formats, including:

  • Business plans and proposals
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • Procedure and policy statements
  • Letters and memos
  • Electronic communications and notices

Students learn various methods of preparing these documents as well as how to evaluate the effectiveness of written materials. Students also learn the importance of clear, concise business communication and how to avoid ambiguity in written materials.

Should Employees Take Business Writing Courses?

Business writing courses are appropriate for a large audience of professionals. If a business uses written communication, its writers, managers and supervisors who are required to communicate within the company or with outside businesses will benefit from a business writing course.

These courses can be helpful to almost any IT and business professional who wants to build strong inter-company relationships as well as improve communication with clients. Find business writing courses based on your needs by clicking here.


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