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Why Good Writing Matters in Every Industry

Business Writing Today’s high school students might be required to take an English language course each year and study Shakespeare, but many of them are more likely to type out LOL on a smartphone than craft a letter to send via regular mail. In the business world, however, excellent writing skills are still necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether your company is in retail, finance or IT, you should aim to have excellent written communication.

Through Business Writing training programs, staff at every level can learn the skills required to put out eloquent press releases, succinct emails and business memos free from spelling mistakes. Learn more about why good writing still matters in today’s increasingly tech-savvy age.

In the Internet Age, Mistakes Last Forever

Many companies that rely heavily on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may mistakenly place more of an emphasis on going viral than on offering correct grammar and spelling. However, putting written text on the Internet should make businesses even more concerned with avoiding errors. After all, once something makes its way onto the Internet, it is virtually impossible to forget.

More than one company has been targeted because of basic mistakes in tweets or in viral marketing campaigns. Even digital marketing professionals and programmers should be able to communicate without errors, which is why a course such as the Fundamentals of Business Writing or Grammar Essentials is a necessity for all staff in any industry.

Good Writing Makes Inter-office Communication Easier

Great writing isn’t just necessary when your company communicates with customers, potential clients and the general public. Writing skills can also be helpful when it comes to communication between departments or even just various employees.

If emails are vague, staff may have to send more than one in order to clarify the right course of action. Simple mistakes in emails or memos can also lead to problems down the line, all of which reduce workplace efficiency and can cost your business money.

Text May Be the Face of the Company

Often, written text becomes the face of a business, and it may be the first and only thing a person sees connected to your company. If you send out an email with a spelling error, for example, the recipient might wonder whether you are educated enough to handle their finances or the cyber security.

If a press release isn’t concise, it might be skipped over by industry experts who could otherwise form a partnership with your business. Through an Advanced Business Writing course, participants can be sure that they are putting out text worthy of the brand they are representing.

Writing Can Connect to the Audience and Convey Brand Image

Finally, it is important to note that the way something is written can say a lot about a person or a business. By adopting a cohesive voice, all written materials can help form a specific brand image that sets you apart from your competitors. The right voice can also target a particular demographic, such as teens or retirees.

Through Business Writing courses at Ashford Global, employees in any field can become better communicators.

Contact us to learn more about the variety of training programs can help you and your staff become more effective.


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