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Upgrading a Business Through ITSM

Business TrainingITSM, or Information Technology Service Management, is a framework that falls under the umbrella of ITIL™, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. When businesses decide to implement ITSM, they can create a number of changes with positive benefits. Explore some of the key ways to upgrade a business by harnessing the potential of ITSM.

ITSM Increases Workplace Efficiency

Through ITSM, employees will understand their place in the ITIL service lifecycle. More importantly, they will have clear objectives in daily operations, and they will be able to identify their tasks in the workplace.

When employees know this, there is less room for confusion, and employees are less likely to waste time determining what their prime objectives should be. Implementing ITIL can increase workplace efficiency simply by ensuring that all staff know what to do, when to do it and how it should be done effectively.

ITSM Streamlines Communication

Piggybacking on the same benefit as above, ITSM can streamline communication between employees and executives alike. When everyone knows who they need to report to, and who doesn’t need to hear their whole story, they can reduce wasted communication time.

Instead of repeating the same problem to several people in order to find someone who can help, individuals trained in ITSM will be able to act decisively and speak to the right person on the chain of command.

ITSM Can Speed up Reaction Times

One of the biggest ways that a company can fall behind is through slow reaction and response times. From the moment a problem is reported to the moment it is resolved, every second counts. When businesses are able to utilize ITSM protocol and speed up the process, they can see their profits increase and their customers happier. This is because there is no wavering from step a to step b to step c and so on.

Instead, every cog in the company knows what to do, speeding everything up and ensuring that responses are timely. In business, as in life, time is money. Therefore, any action that can save time is also one that can potentially increase the profits of the business.

ITSM Can Impress Customers

A primary goal of ITSM is to please and satisfy customers and clients. This is accomplished by faster reaction times, better products and continual service improvement. Rather than being satisfied with the status quo, ITSM encourages companies to continually seek out ways to improve.

With every release, the product or service can better accomplish its goals and impress customers. This helps build a company’s reputation and ensures customer retention year after year.

ITSM Can Reduce Overall Operating Costs

Perhaps most importantly, implementation of ITSM can be incredibly effective in reducing overall operating costs. More efficient labor and streamlined communication, of course, leads to reduced labor expenses. Greater efficiency and faster reaction times means meeting the needs of more clients in less time. In addition, ITSM has the potential to work out the profitability of changes and upgrades before they happen, ensuring that the end result will be financially beneficial.

To upgrade any business, Ashford Global can help. ITSM training makes it easier to begin the process of implementation, which can then effectively reduce costs while improving operations.

Call us today and let’s plan your ITSM training session for your business.

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