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Put Your Best Foot Forward With Business Skills Training

Business WritingEven when employees are able to do their job successfully, a lot rides on how well they present themselves to others.

This might be through a presentation to a potential investor, an email to a customer or via a press release to a local newspaper.

Communication is vital in any industry, and it is important to constantly assess and improve related skills.

Consider Business Skills Training for yourself or for employees who need to add polish to presentations, writing style, grammar and more. The following courses can be a fantastic place to start, and each will help participants put their best foot forward as well as improve the company’s appeal and value.

Brush up on Grammar Essentials

Whether a person sends quick emails to suppliers or chats online with potential clients, bad grammar can signal that the company doesn’t place a high priority on education or attention to detail. For that reason, it is vital that all employees feel confident composing written materials free from grammatical errors.

A Grammar Essentials course is a great introduction or just a refresher on concepts like the parts of speech, word choices and punctuation.

Give Effective Presentations

Presentations are often an integral part of the corporate environment, and they might be geared toward upper management, potential investors or even suppliers. Whether you are presenting the implementation of a new IT security system or you are discussing expansion into new international markets, you don’t want the research and the intent to be muddled by boring or ineffective presentation skills.

A training course in Effective Presentations will teach participants how to share information in a concise yet powerful way. In addition, it can provide insight into the best visual aids and materials to supplement oral presentations as well as which resources can detract from the message.

Explore Various Levels of Business Writing

Beyond just grammar and spelling, business writing is an acquired skill. It starts with learning how to convey a message clearly so that others can immediately grasp your point. It might evolve to include how to persuade someone to see your side of the argument using logic and clear points.

Your medium should also dictate the style of business writing you use, since a quick email to a colleague will be very different from a formal press release to the general public. To improve and expand on writing skills, employees can enroll in courses such as Fundamentals of Business Writing, Effective Business Writing and Advanced Business Writing.

Learn Key Training Techniques

Some management or outreach positions require employees to teach the public about new initiatives, conduct orientation sessions for new staff members or to offer training programs in a variety of subjects. Through the course is titled Developing Training for Non-Training Professionals, anyone can discover how to understand a range of learning styles, how to develop content and how to effectively use and make visual aids that speed up learning.

At Ashford Global, employees at every level can enroll in Business Skills courses that help participants to improve their professional skill set and image.

Contact us today to schedule training for your employees. 


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