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Inspiring The Audience in 2013

Group Clapping webFor presenters, during a generation of continual transformation and change, there are some interesting challenges in retaining the attention of their audiences.

It first helps to understand how the world around us is changing:


Cultural and Generational Landscapes.

As more people of varied ethnic backgrounds intersperse between countries and participate in worldwide seminars online, language, culture, ethics, and etiquette play a large role in the development of Effective Presentations and culturally correct presentations. As well, cultural and work ethics differ greatly between a growing number of baby-boomers amidst Generations X, Y, and Millennia. The ability to attract and retain the attention of these varied audiences requires some thought.

  • Business Workplace Scenarios. As companies and organizations implement different workplace scenarios to carry out their objectives, presenters must get creative in how to reach their audiences. Many national and international organizations are made up of multiple sites in various locations around the world. Instructor-led, online, and recorded presentation options are a necessity in order to accommodate participants in many business workplace scenarios.
  • Changing Technology. As organizations migrate to cloud and mobile computing, presenters must be familiar with the technologies, and they must be aware of how technology has affected their participants. Presenters must understand current tools and leading-edge technology in order to create effective and highly engaging presentations.  With more delivery methods available, it is important for the presenter to assemble the right content, using the right tools based on their audience.
  • The Economy. Companies have buckled down on spending, layoffs have created a different kind of worker, and getting back to work for many has been difficult. These changes translate in a few different ways. In most organizations, when times are tough, education and training are usually the first to be eliminated. This may create new opportunities in the market for presenters. Offering creative and cost-effective training presentations may be a way to re-enter the market, and with a new niche.

Even while the world around us is changing daily, what is static is a presenter’s ability to develop and deliver dynamic, effective presentations that will inspire audiences. Presenter awareness makes a difference in preparing for audiences’ learning styles.

First Steps First

The first step in creating an inspiring presentation is to learn active listening skills. This knowledge will help presenters facilitate the exchange of ideas, whether for organizational meetings or product presentations. The ability to listen to colleagues, participants, and others involved in presentation content will eventually lead to success in the delivery of the information. At the same time, it is important to take quality, useful notes. Listening and taking notes at the same time requires practice, and there are some important techniques for managing this task.


Presenters should spend time participating in other meetings and presentations, in preparation for delivering their own meetings and presentations. Learning to organize ideas and prepare strategies are the most important phases in creating a coherent and convincing presentation. Being prepared means presenter confidence, and presenter confidence addresses a generation of change.


While presentation delivery options may vary in order to attract all audiences, what is consistent is the presenter’s ability to organize materials, prepare an outline, transform the outline into a presentation, and effectively deliver a presentation to a diverse audience. It is likely one of following delivery methods will be required:

  • Facilitated, Self-Paced
  • Instructor Led (live)
  • Instructor Led (online)
  • Instructor Led (live and online at the same time)
  • Recorded Self-Paced

Solid presentations for a diverse audience must include a combination of interactive and engaging participant activities. A refreshed presentation considering everything the presenter can find out about their audience is the key to a successful, interactive learning experience. For presenters, listen well, take notes, organize thoughts, practice, and present engagingly, with the audience in mind. Contact Ashford Global IT for information about our Effective Presentation course.

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