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Improve Corporate Communication Through Microsoft Office Training

Business TrainingIn many cases, the image that suppliers, customers and the general public have of your business’ brand is conveyed through communication.

A supplier or vendor might decide whether or not to have a relationship with your business based on an email response, or an unhappy customer might walk away happy after a productive and helpful online chat.

Whether verbally or in writing, having excellent communication is key for any company. Through Microsoft Online Training, employees at every level can become better brand ambassadors as well as better communicators within the corporation itself.

Convey a Message Powerfully Through PowerPoint Training

Anyone who has given a presentation in a business environment is probably familiar with PowerPoint, a Microsoft program that helps users to deliver slides in a chronological and cohesive way. Unfortunately, all too many people fail to deliver effective presentations because they aren’t sure about how best to use PowerPoint.

Beginners can enroll in Ashford Global’s PowerPoint Level 1 program to learn the basics like creating a slide, adding in graphs and charts and timing the slides effectively. For those with some presentation knowledge already under their belt, the PowerPoint Level 2 program is a more advanced option that covers new features and techniques to wow an audience and drive home a point, an idea or a statistic.

Improve Business Documents Through Word Training

Microsoft Word is one of the most common computer software programs on the planet, and virtually every professional will use it at some point in order to create a formal document, print out a basic contract or make a training manual for fellow employees.

What you create on Word can be something as simple as a reminder for staff in the break room, but it can also be a formal press release to be sent to various media outlets. For that reason, it is important to establish great habits and be familiar with how to maximize the functions and capabilities of Word. Word Level 1 is the ideal course for beginners and entry-level employees who need to learn the basics.

Word Level 2 may be best for anyone who wants to create more complex documents and understand more advanced functions. Experts who need to know every functionality of the word processing program should enroll in Word Level 3, which focuses on advanced subjects like document collaboration, third-party revisions and reference marks.

Be a Better Communications Through Outlook Training

Perhaps the Microsoft Office program used most often throughout the course of a typical workday is Outlook. This email program is the medium through which employees communicate with one another, but it is also the way that employees respond to client questions and supplier requests.

Outlook can be a lot more than just a way to send emails, and it boasts functions that allow it to serve as a calendar, a planner, a collaborated list of daily tasks and even a contact book. Through one of the three available Outlook training programs, employees can greatly improve their communication abilities at work.

In almost every business role, communication plays a part. Boost written communications through Microsoft Excel Training in a range of different programs and levels.

Contact Ashford Global today and let us help you set up your training.


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