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Improve Corporate Communication Through Business Writing Programs

Business Writing Written communication is the cornerstone of almost every business in nearly every industry across the board.

On a daily basis, your business’ staff might send emails and memos to one another, reply to customer queries and complaints, submit proposals to potential clients or interact with the public through emails and social media.

An entire company can be judged on the content and style of its written communication, and inefficient communication in the workplace can cause tension and misunderstandings. Thanks to business writing programs available at several levels, staff can improve their communication skills and do a better job of promoting the business as well as getting their points across clearly and succinctly among coworkers.

Fundamentals of Business Writing

This is a basic program that instills in every student the fundamentals of clear business writing. The objectives include having graduates who complete the program be able to deliver professional communication free of obvious mistakes and to use the correct format and document type at the same time.

The fundamentals course in business writing is a great way for entry-level staff to learn how to bundle their ideas and turn a free-flowing or rambling email into a concise and effective one. This makes miscommunication at every level less common, and it can even help businesses save time by streamlining the communication process.

Grammar Essentials

Whenever business communications are made public, having excellent grammar is necessary. Poor grammar reflects on the entire company, and a minor slip can make a large corporation look like their staff are not professionals.

In a training program that covers grammar essentials, participants will be able to master basics such as identifying the various parts of speech, finding substitutes for poor word choices, learning how to edit and proofread documents before sending them out, spotting common mistakes such as run-on sentences or comma splices and using punctuation. The result should be polished emails, press releases or contracts that are free from errors and helping the company put their best foot forward.

Effective Business Writing

An effective business writing program is a fantastic way for staff to better understand how to communicate through writing in the workplace. The topics covered range from understanding the right medium for bad news all the way to whether texts and instant messaging can be an appropriate form of communication at the business level.

Graduates will be able to write business letters, polite emails responding to customer complaints and internal announcements, among many other forms of written communication.

Advanced Business Writing

The program in advanced business writing is the ideal training choice for new managers or those who need to improve their communication across departments or with the public.The program explains the variety of documents available, which is best for each situation in the workplace, how to prepare the documents so that they are tailored to the needs of each audience and how to persuade readers that what you have to say is important.

Graduates will be effective communicators with the resources they need to be great leaders and managers. With a variety of courses to choose from, Ashford Global is the clear choice for companies eager to improve their staff’s business writing skills. Contact Ashford Global today to schedule your training session.


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