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Harnessing the Capabilities of Microsoft Excel Through Training

Excel TrainingWhether you look at an office in the retail industry, in finance or in healthcare, there is a good chance that staff rely on programs such as Microsoft Excel to handle everything from data entry to financial spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel has incredible potential, and it is one of the most versatile and beneficial programs available.

That being said, many individuals only know how to use the absolute basics of the program. With the help of a training program through Ashford Global, your employees can harness the full capabilities and potential of Microsoft Excel.

Excel Level 1

Employees who need to use Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, but who aren’t familiar with the program, can benefit most from starting with Level 1 training. This is a one-day course that takes a comprehensive look at the various ways to use Microsoft Excel in the workplace.

The course will show all participants how they can use the software to create worksheets and workbooks, and it will also explain how to edit these documents as needed.

This beginner’s program is a smart way to ensure that all staff are aware of the basic functions of Microsoft Excel, and it can be a move that cuts down on inefficient time at work as well as asking unnecessary questions for basic tasks.

Excel Level 2

Participants who use Microsoft Excel regularly might already be familiar with the most basic of functions. However, the software has the potential to do a lot more than most people realize.

By enrolling employees into Ashford Global’s Level 2 training, you can see your staff embrace the more advanced functions of Microsoft Excel. Once again, this course lasts for a single day, and the curriculum includes learning how to analyze the data found on spreadsheets, organize tables according to sets of data, create charts and graphs to showcase data and use a range of advanced formulas.

In addition, Level 2 training shows participants how to improve the aesthetic appeal of workbooks through the addition of graphics, colors and anything else that can spruce up information to make it more exciting to readers.

Excel Level 3

Those employees with a firm grasp on all things Microsoft Excel might seem to know everything there is to know about the program, but these professionals can still benefit from enrolling in an advanced training program.

Level 3 training from Ashford Global is reserved for individuals who have a lot of experience using Microsoft Excel and have explored many of the program’s most advanced functions.

In this program, participants will go from knowledgeable to experts in the course of a day. Through the program, your staff can learn how to start automating common Excel tasks in order to save employee time, how to apply complex algorithms to large data sets, how to troubleshoot errors in the program rather than needing to call IT staff, how to collaborate with other employees virtually on the same Excel documents and how to share the data compiled in Microsoft Excel with other applications on the same computer or network.

To truly make the most of Microsoft Excel in the workplace, take advantage of training programs that teach employees the functions and potential of this vital piece of software.

Contact us today and we’ll get your staff scheduled for the Excel training

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