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Grammar Essentials: What Every Business Person Must Know

Knowledge puzzle piece webProfessionals in any industry are required to present ideas in a clear, succinct, and professional manner.

However, basic English grammar and usage problems may occur, thus hindering effective communication. This is where Ashford Global IT (AGIT) can help.

How to Improve Grammar

AGIT’s Grammar Essentials one-day workshop is designed specifically with your grammar usage issues in mind. It is intended for professionals interested in improving the grammar skills they will be using in all sorts of written communication. The development of your communication skills is the institute’s top priority.

Having the ability to write with correct grammar is essential to your business. Not only will you earn respect from your readers, but you will also be spared from spending time and money rewriting your documents, be they letters, presentations, or manuscripts. All your written documents will become more understandable and logical once the rules of good grammar have been incorporated into them.

In this workshop, you will develop a working knowledge of fundamental grammar skills. Topics covered in this seminar include basic grammatical rules, parts of speech, and commonly made grammatical errors. In addition, you will study methods of achieving clarity and simplicity in your text. Participants will be given extensive exercises to practice their skills. This valuable workshop will refresh and refine your grammar, diction, and tone.

The workshop’s teachings are so effective that you will not only be able to polish your own writing but you will also be able to proofread and even correct documents created by others. Studies have shown that people can be grammatically correct 95% of the time when speaking or reading. However, when it comes to writing, they may end up composing documents filled with grammatical errors. Thus, they will lose whatever credibility they had achieved at work so far.  In the world of business, this prospect can be very frightening. Not only does your written text fail to deliver the intended message, but your ability as a good writer is undermined. Even applications and resumes with tiny mistakes will see the trashcan. So how do you expect high priority documents with grammatical mistakes to get any respect?

In Ashford Global IT’s Grammar Essentials workshop, you can learn and practice all those tricky grammar rules of the past in a new and simplified way. So, come to Ashford Global IT and learn how to communicate properly and effectively.

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