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Effective Presentations – Delivering Messages with an Impact

Cartoon Speach Giver webA Clear Presentation Design’s survey conducted in 2010, about 23% of the 104 respondents gave 4-6 presentations in a year whereas 17% gave more than 25.This signifies how essential presentations are in the corporate world.

  Delivering a Presentation

If you to have to give presentations regularly, communicating effectively should be your goal every time. However, there are many factors which may hinder you from delivering your very best. A survey conducted with 750 professionals by Claudyne Wilder and Geetesh Bajaj in 2004 pointed out five obstacles which prevented speakers from effectively delivering their speeches. Those are:

  1. Extended presentations: 88% of the before mentioned 750 professionals said that they would have shortened their presentations had they been given the chance to do so. The problem is that presenters with short presentations aren’t usually seen in the same light as those with longer ones. Therefore, many create a large number of slides and then rush through them because they run out of time. This, of course, doesn’t allow presenters to explain their messages effectively.
  2. Too much preparation time: About 58% of those surveyed mentioned that they spent an average of three hours to prepare for a 30-minute presentation.   A good portion of this time was spent having to redo their presentations due to lacking the skills necessary for planning and creating effective presentations to meet their companies’ expectations.
  3. The lack of graphics and graphs related to the subject of the presentation: Some professionals can prepare sophisticated images to go with their presentations, whereas others cannot. Without visual aids, your audience won’t be riveted by your presentation. Thus, 85% of those surveyed spent much of their time creating their own charts and graphics which, in turn, decreased the time they gave to reviewing the presentation’s material.
  4. Inability to rehearse for presentations: With a large amount of time spent on other aspects, presenters did not have much time to rehearse. However, 84% of the survey participants agreed that practicing their presentations beforehand allowed them to communicate effectively.
  5. Audiences are hard to read: Presenters want feedback from their audience that indicates whether or not the message got through. However, not being able to assess and gauge your audience’s reactions can limit the effectiveness of your presentations.

As a presenter, you may identify with at least one of these barriers. So, what can you do to ensure yourself of a smooth presentation that lacks these hindrances? The answer is simple: enroll in a workshop to hone your presentation skills.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) presents a one-day workshop entitled Effective Presentations to help individuals present their information efficiently during professional meetings. Upon successfully completing this workshop, students will have developed skills in actively listening and taking good notes, participating and conducting meetings, and organizing and delivering professional presentations.

An effective presentation is an efficient way of conveying your message, and Ashford Global IT is ready to help you sharpen your skills.

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